The light of personality: what is the meaning of social scientists in the concept of "personality"?

One of the courses in social studies, or the science of society, studies the relationship between man and society: how does the environment affect the formation of each individual

The enrichment of knowledge about the essence and capabilities of a person, his relations with society, the formation of personality and individual abilities is under scrutiny of science: what is the meaning social scientists put into the concept of personality?

Human and society

The presence of legal relations and the observance of the interests of social groups of people and individuals, the stages of development of society, its influence on the formation of a personality — all this becomes a subject of study.

Captured illusions: positive and negative evaluations

The concept of "personality", the meaning and meaning of it are sometimes replaced by other concepts.

It happens that in a conversation we say, wanting to praise someone: "He (she) is such a bright, exceptional person."On the contrary, when someone speaks of someone with a conviction, they use the phrase: "Dark, slippery, shameless personality ...".

These words are quite logical part of our everyday life. However, few people know that until the seventeenth century in the Russian language was not the word "person." It was not claimed, as society did not need to separate the concepts of "public" and "personal", "collective" and "private".

What is the word "personality" and what is the meaning? Social scientists invest in the concept of "personality" and its practical application of a whole range of relationships in society. The fact is that the concept of "personality" came to the Russian language with the development of technical progress, the deepening of education; originated under the influence of foreign languages. What is meant by the word "personality" from the point of view of the science of society - social science?

Communication in society

Becoming a person: an objective view of science

To become a person, it is not enough just to be born and grow up, to become an adult. What value do social scientists put into the concept of "personality", read on.

First of all, a person is characterized by his self-awareness, acceptance of living conditions in society, rules of behavior, culture.

Therefore, a newborn or an adult, but a mentally ill person, according to social scientists, cannot be considered a person. The person is there, but the personality has not yet been formed, or has such mental deviations that it is not able to realize itself in society.

In the concept of "man", a generic, genetic component is defined, and the concept of personality means the realization of some socially important properties and qualities of a person. What is the meaning of social scientists in the concept of "personality" and how are its signs formed?

In order to become a person in the process of socialization or communication with society, a person needs to develop intellectual, strong-willed, and other pronounced personality traits.

Transitional age - the time of formation of personality

Four objective personality traits

Are there objective characteristics, and what sense do social scientists put into the concept of "personality", it is clear from the list of what basic properties of a personality exist:

  • Participates in public and social life of society.
  • Aware of their socially significant features.
  • Manifests his personal qualities in the process of communication, labor and other social relations.
  • Understands his status and significance of qualities, showing them in everyday life.

The special qualities of each and the interdependence of the concepts of "man - society"

Social scientists relate to special properties: temperament, character traits, intellectual and emotional potential of a person.

These qualities determine the social or personal status of a person, the position he occupies in society, the meaning and meaning of the existence of a person as a person.

Status can be prestigious or not, it all depends on the value system that is accepted in society.

In our country, under socialism, equality of individuals according to their position and status in society was proclaimed.

For example, in the transition to a market economy in the country, the status of success prevails: the ability to use all the forces of the individual to achieve results: enrichment, education, parenting, maintenance in old age.

It can be said that not only a person depends on society, but also society, his development will directly depend on the personal content of each member of society.

Personality trait like a flower

Factor factor is not a pointer: what influences the formation of personality?

It is necessary to clarify precisely the meaning of social scientists in the concept of "personality".

  1. It is no secret that the formation of personality begins in childhood.On how education will be: strict or loyal, with a share of self-indulgence, determines the character, habits and skills of members of society.
  2. The national and ethnic roots of the society to which a person belongs have a huge impact. In many ways, the traditions and accepted norms of behavior dictated by the cultural heritage have a comprehensive impact on the development of the individual.
  3. The location or, more simply, the place of residence has a significant role in shaping: whether a person lives in the capital of the state, having free access to cultural heritage sites, or he lives in a deaf village without the opportunity to get even primary education - all this shows how important society and communication with the external environment for each person.
  4. Relations in the social group to which each person belongs - the systems of connections and values ​​are involved in the formation of the main qualities of the individual.
    Freedom and personality

Freedom and its impact on the formation of responsibility

The ability of a person to apply his personal qualities in a certain type of activity necessarily implies the existence of the concepts of each responsibility and freedom for everyone in the right of choice. What is the concept of "personality", as social scientists understand - the object of studying science.

The brighter the personality traits manifest themselves, the freer a person will be in the choice of a future profession, cultural values, and religious law.

The degree of individual freedom is determined by the legal laws and traditions of the society in which a person lives. This shows the pattern of dependence of each on the influence of society. Thus, it is not always the individual who can most clearly manifest his qualities, especially if he has a low social status. In this case, much will depend on such qualities as character traits: firmness of mind, purposefulness, desire to achieve a different social position.

Better late than never

It is no coincidence that social scientists believe that from early childhood a personality begins to form.

However, special attention is paid by parents, teachers and other members of society involved in raising a person to a transitional age. In the adolescent (pubertal) period, the most important features for each person are formed.

It is at this time that the teenager begins to realize himself as a person, his role - significant or not - in society, he is trying to establish himself, to prove himself.

In fact, in adolescence, the choice of one’s life path is determined, goals and means for self-expression are determined.

As a rule, at the same age there is an interest in the future profession, the ability to integrate into society. A large informative layer of cultural and moral values ​​of society is being assimilated.

And the main thing that helps to understand the science of social science is the measure of responsibility of each individual for his actions.

Transitional age


The foundations for the formation of personality are made in public relations. That is why each person is the embodiment of social consciousness and culture. At the same time, each person is deeply individual and possesses qualities inherent only to her. The sooner a person is aware of himself as a person, the better. The sooner society helps everyone in shaping socially significant qualities, the stronger and safer society will be, the better the lives of individuals will be.

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The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 26

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 50

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 49

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 82

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 62

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 97

The light of personality: what sense do social scientists put into the notion of personality 49