The magical properties of onions

The magical properties of onions

Most of us cry bitter tears from him, but still he is needed almost everywhere. We add it to salads and soups, and we can eat just like that. Today we will talk about onions not just as a vegetable, which causes a lot of tears, but also about its beneficial properties, as well as very interesting facts that you should like.

One famous comedian, Jimmy Carr, at his next stand-up, said: “Quite a lot of those who cut a bow pour pouring crocodile tears into it. But, my dear, if you do not want to cry, then stop so strongly emotionally attached to him. " This quote, at one time, has become a cult. Well, I really do not know why Jimmy decided to put forward such a theory about tears during the cleaning and cutting of onions, but I have another, somewhat prosaic, but still scientifically proven.

The magical properties of onions

Have you noticed that when cutting onions, not only does the person who actually take up the business, but everything around you, start to tear? This happens because the onion's natural skin is broken.Enzymes that are contained in the cells of this vegetable, find a way out and are mixed with air, thereby forming a pair of volatile sulfur. That's it in these pairs the whole thing. As soon as they get on the mucous membrane of the eye, our body begins to defend itself immediately, because the irritant will “attack”, and the protective reaction of our body is tears. To avoid this, you can do this:

• Slicing any onion, immediately throw it into the water. Prepare a bowl of cold water in advance. So, a pair of flying sulfur will not be able to get to your eyes.

The protective properties of onions

The magical properties of onions

People have long believed that onions have healing properties. It was used for the prevention of various diseases, long before the appearance of antibiotics. Many old men who practiced healing knew that onions were the very first remedy against various viruses and infections. Among other things, this vegetable was famous for its ability to increase appetite, improve blood circulation, help the gastrointestinal tract and intestines, and also increase immunity, thereby creating “armor” against respiratory diseases. Fresh onion juice, a very excellent remedy for bronchitis and hypertension, it is enough to take one to two teaspoons a day, and you will feel great.

Traditional medicine also does not bypass this vegetable. Onions can be included in the diet of those patients who are severely depleted, infected with ascaris and so on. Basically, it is used not as an independent unit, but in combination with other useful vegetables and fruits.

The magical properties of onions

An excellent remedy against joint pain is also onions. In order to cook it you need less than twenty minutes. Compress recipe is simple and it can be prepared by everyone. To do this, you need two medium-sized onions, a heated stove and an oil-free frying pan. On a preheated stove, you put a clean and dry pan and leave for a while, while you clean and cut the onion rings.

It is very important that the bow does not fall apart, but be whole. After the cut is finished, carefully lay out the onion on a pre-heated pan. Make sure that it does not burn. As soon as both sides are browned, remove it from the stove. We spread on gauze and gently tied, for example, on a sore knee. The bow will not be hot, the gauze will separate it from contact with the skin, therefore you should not be afraid of a burn.Above you need to wrap a scarf or something else, but always warm.

Basically, this compress is done overnight so that the sore spot remains at rest for the whole night. Repeat this procedure several times and the pain will disappear. This effective and simple way, helped to overcome the pain of varying severity. Sure, if you feel that the joints do not hurt just for the weather, then, of course, you need to see a doctor. He will be able to prescribe you the necessary drugs and possibly ointment. But even while taking the medicine you should not forget about this compress.

The magical properties of onions

Yes, onions - this is really a very interesting vegetable. He can bring to tears a person who wants to clean it, but just think about how much useful and therapeutic it can give in return.

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