The most beautiful girls of the world: in the past and today

At all times and in all nations, female beauty has attracted attention, causing admiration not only among men, but also among lovely ladies. A beautiful female face in different cultures was considered a manifestation of divine harmony, and the most beautiful girls of the world became living icons for their contemporaries.

Ideas of female beauty in the past

The few images of women’s faces and figures from different historical epochs, cultures and peoples that have reached our time attest to the diversity of standards of feminine beauty, on which ideological standards and ideas about women that reigned in different historical times among different nations laid an indelible imprint.

Beauty and its owners

So, the world's most beautiful girls, whose photos are regularly published by the world's leading publications, are not at all like the female ideals of the Paleolithic era. The Willendorf Venus belonging to that period, whose age dates from the XXII-XXIV centuries. BCe., more of a hypertrophied image of female sexual characteristics, reflecting the fertile functions of women.

A characteristic feature of these images is the complete lack of characteristic features of a woman’s face, which can be explained by various reasons, including sacral ones, which prohibit the image of faces.

With the development of mankind and the emergence of ancient states, female beauty is becoming one of the main themes for artists and sculptors. The most famous examples of feminine beauty of ancient eras that have come down to our times are ancient Egyptian and ancient sculptures and images of women.

The famous sculptural portrait of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, as well as the verbal description of the last representative of the Ptolomeev dynasty - Cleopatra, left by the ancient Roman philosopher and thinker Plutarch, allows you to create at least a general idea of ​​the ideals of female beauty in antiquity.

The ancient era laid the foundation for the standards of the beauty of the human body - the so-called golden section: the whole belongs mostly in the same proportion as most to the smaller.It is for these indicators over many centuries, up to our time, female beauty is measured.

This rule throughout all subsequent epochs did not lose its relevance for the proportions of the face and body. Historical epochs imprinted on this standard, “dressing” him in various “clothes” of his time, but on the whole did not change the traditions.

The ideals of the Middle Ages, who emphasized the severity and austerity of female beauty, replaced the riot of the Renaissance, which sang the beauty of a naked, magnificent female body. Representatives of Flemish realism were among the first artists to reflect the real feminine beauty of the 17th century, among which Peter Paul Rubens stood out particularly vividly.

The rule of the "golden section" continued to operate in the later times of classicism in art, when the emphasis was on the elegance of female beauty. It has not lost its relevance in the modern era of the postmodern, in which the facets of the standards of female beauty have become more vague and diverse.

The most beautiful girls and women now: the rating of the beauties

The most beautiful women

In the 21st century, female beauty continues to be for millions of people, as at all times, a symbol of worship and admiration. The most famous fashion magazines and authoritative publications regularly publish each year updated ratings of the most beautiful women of the world, to get into that dream of all recognized beauties of the world.

Regularly publish the top list of the most beautiful women in the world and such famous American magazines as People and Esquire, thereby attracting once again the attention of the public to unfading and diverse female beauty, which has become synonymous with the success and prosperity of women today.

At the end of 2017, a similar rating was again drawn up, in which the photos of the most beautiful girls on Earth were presented, in the opinion of these representative publications. The top ten included the following beauties.

10th place. Pia Alonso Wurzbach

The most beautiful girls

A 28-year-old German woman from the Philippines, Pia Alonso Wurzbach, was ranked 10th in the ranking. In 2015, this spectacular brunette became “Miss Universe”. She is engaged in modeling business and acting. Fans she is also known under the pseudonym Pia Romero.

9th place. Emilia Clark

Top most beautiful girls

Honorable 9th place went to the English 31-year-old actress Emilia Clark, received worldwide recognition after working in the series "The Game of Thrones", in which she played the role of Deyneris. Dragon Mother conquered the audience not only with a pretty appearance, but also a wonderful acting game.

8th place. Adriana lima

Beauties rating

The 8th place, according to most recent surveys, was taken by the 36-year-old Brazilian Adrian Lim model, which mixed African, Indian, Indian and Swiss roots. Such a burning "mixture" allowed the beauty to conquer the numerous podiums and hearts of many famous men.

7th place. Spinach Chopra

Beauties of the Universe

On the 7th place was the Indian actress from Bollywood Sprynka Chopra, who at the age of 36 was able to achieve a lot in acting career, model profession and production activities. Western audience, she became known for the American TV series "Base Quantico."

6th place. Amber Heard

The most beautiful girls

Honorable 6th place in this list, compiled by employees of famous glossy magazines, is an English American actress Amber Hurd, who at the age of 31 was able to enter the rating of the most beautiful celebrities.However, evil tongues claim that she came to Olympus thanks in large part to her famous men: actor Johnny Depp and billionaire Ilon Max.

5th place. Pixie lott

Beauties of the world

The top five opens British singer, composer and dancer 27-year-old Pixie Lott. In addition to the attractive appearance, the actress boasts numerous musical awards, as well as shooting in several successful films.

4th place. Im gi ah

The best girls of the world

At the 4th place is the 26-year-old actress, singer and model Im Ji-ah from South Korea. The popularity of her first came as a pop singer, performing in different musical groups under the pseudonym Nana. After that, she began to act in films and today is considered the most popular film actress in Southeast Asia.

3rd place. Deepika Padukone

Beauty of the universe

Bronze goes to Indian beauty Deepika Padukone, who was born and spent part of her childhood in Denmark. By 31, this black-eyed beauty was able to gain great popularity in India as a Bollywood actress. Well, she conquered the whole world with incredible beauty.

2nd place. Lisa Soberano

Beauties of the world

At the 2nd place is located 20-year-old beauty of US-Philippine origin Lisa Soberano,which in her early years was able to achieve great success in the modeling business and began to make a successful film career. We have no doubt that beauty, charm and talent will allow her to achieve impressive results in Hollywood.

1st place. Selena Gomez

Rating beauties of the world

Well, at the top of the pedestal, the employees of glossy magazines brought up the 25-year-old beauty Selena Gomez, who has Italian, Mexican and English roots. She began acting in TV shows as a child. Today she is actively and very successfully engaged in musical creativity and has the title of Goodwill Ambassador from the United Nations Children's Fund.

This list shows that the ideal of female beauty in the global world is becoming international and carries the aesthetics of different peoples and cultures.

Which countries are famous for female beauty

All ratings are always subjective and cannot claim to be a strict reflection of a real trend. But the analysis of a large number of modern statistical data allows us to single out a number of countries that have become famous precisely because of the beauty of their women.

The following countries are experts today.

Which countries are famous for female beauty

  • Venezuela.Her representatives very often win the title "The most beautiful girl in the world" at international beauty contests.
  • Argentina. Women of this Latin American state amaze tourists with their well-groomed and exquisite beauty.
  • India. In this country there are a lot of beautiful girls with characteristic feminine forms and very beautiful faces.
  • Serbia Serbian girls have excellent forms and are a unique combination of Slavic and Mediterranean type of female beauty.
  • South Korea. Korean girls have very delicate skin and cute faces.
  • France. Women from this European country have traditionally been famous for their spectacular appearance and desire to follow fashion.
  • Italy. This state is characterized by the Mediterranean type of female beauty with dark skin and dark wavy hair.
  • Ukraine. In this Eastern European country, there is a variety of southern types of Slavic beauty.
  • Brazil. Brazilian women are famous all over the world for ideal forms and good plasticity.
  • Russia. Russians are famous for their stately figures, smooth skin, thick hair and very beautiful faces.

Of course, each country has its own standard of female beauty, but girls from the above-listed states are traditionally considered to be recognized beauties throughout the world.

Famous Russian beauties

In all the historical stages of its existence, Russia was famous for beauties, who amazed foreigners with their natural beauty and made Russian poets and artists create odes and paint pictures in their honor.

Daughter of Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise Annamade a real sensation at the court of the French king Henry I. On the beauty and gentleness of the first wife of Russian Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the TerribleAnastasia Zakharina-Yuryevapeople folded legends.

The wife of the great Russian poet AS Pushkin -Natalia Goncharova- admired with her charm and the article of his contemporaries, including the Russian Emperor Nicholas the First.

The world famous Russian ballet starAnna Pavlovaconquered at the beginning of the 20th century the whole world not only with her ballet art, but also with elegant beauty.

One of the first movie stars of silent cinema, which received worldwide fame, was a Russian actressVera Coldthat amazed contemporaries with its beauty and noble charm.

The actresses of the Soviet cinema were also famous for their rare attractiveness. For example,Elina Bystritskaya, Lyubov Orlova, Natalia Kustinskayaetc. Since the 90s. last century, Russian girls make successful model careers, working with leading fashion brands.

Among the most famous and successful Russian beauties in the modeling business can be calledNatalia Vodianova, Irina Sheik and Masha Novoselova. Famous Russian sportswomen -Anastasia Kournikova and Maria Sharapova- became famous not only for their successes in tennis, but also for the beautiful Slavic appearance.


At all times and historical eras, female beauty attracted attention and was celebrated by masters. However, a beautiful woman should have also a mind that would emphasize the extraordinary attractiveness of her face and sex.

And today at competitions, beautiful girls of the world show not only the beauty of their forms, but also demonstrate their abilities and skills in various industries.

Thus, various cultures and traditions from the first centuries of human existence endow physical physical feminine beauty with spirituality and divine principle, which people worship to the present.Truly beauty is a great thing!

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