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As you know, vodka in the world is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in almost all countries. Until relatively recently, such beverages have not been evaluated at the international level. Good vodka or bad - everyone defined for himself. But today you can see the official ratings of vodka, although you can disagree with some conclusions.

How is vodka evaluated in international competitions?

Probably not worth saying that today in the world you can find a huge amount of products of this type. There are so many names of vodka products that no rating agency simply counts them.

good vodka

Some people think that names like “Royal” or “Tsar's vodka” are already the key to success and popularity. Alas, it is not. First, aqua regia in the usual sense is a mixture of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids in a ratio of 1: 3. And secondly, the name can be any simple, but the quality is the highest.On the other hand today you can find royal vodka, intended for drinking. It is a cocktail and is prepared on the basis of ordinary vodka, dessert vermouth, pepper and orange tincture.

But now about the evaluation. As a rule, in all international tasting contests vodka brands are evaluated according to several criteria: aroma, taste, transparency, aftertaste, appearance of the bottle, etc. Frankly, our man does not understand why the bottle is involved in the evaluation, because the main thing is not what is outside, but what is inside.

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It is precisely this moment that causes great doubts, because today you can find expensive vodka brands like "OVAL Swarovski Crystal" in a bottle of gold, decorated with stones. It is clear that the cost of its order of 7 thousand dollars, and only because of the golden bottle.

What determines the quality of vodka and how to determine it

Vodka is a mixture of alcohol and water and you can immediately note these two components that affect its quality. As a rule, rectified and pure artesian water is used in production, although low-quality products can be found anywhere.

In addition, an indicator of the content of fusel oils and other impurities is directly related to quality. Many unscrupulous manufacturers add even sulfuric acid to increase the strength of the drink!

aqua regia

At home, by the way, check the quality of alcohol or vodka is quite simple. For this you can use regular potassium permanganate. The faster the alcohol or vodka is painted in the color of potassium permanganate (much less than five minutes), the worse the product.

You can do even easier. Just shake the bottle with vodka. If large bubbles are formed in it, then the product is of poor quality. If the bubbles are small (barely noticeable) and rise up like a snake, then vodka is good. Finally, the easiest option: put the vodka in the freezer for a couple of hours. If the appearance of ice is noticeable, then it is not vodka, but do not understand what. Water freezes, and low-quality alcohol remains. Moreover, in modern production double distillation is often used, and with such a technology this effect should not be observed.

World ranking (TOP-15): first five

Good vodka is not always expensive. This is proved by world rankings.What is most interesting is that in the ratings of different countries, the positions of vodkas can be very different.

Vodka brands

For example, the Smirnoff brand is recognized as the best-selling vodka in the world, followed by Absolute and, surprisingly, Nemiroff.

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Of the Russian varieties, Stolichnaya (Stolichnaya) vodka leads the way in sales abroad. What is most interesting, it is recognized by almost all the leading global rating agencies in this area.

aqua regia

However, according to the data of absolutely all sources, according to the complex assessment, the best vodka today is the French brand “Gray Goose”, which is already made with fivefold distillation. According to analysts, she has all the chances to press competitors in sales.

The second place is occupied by the Russian vodka “Kristall” (“Crystall”), and it is followed almost without a break by the Polish brand “Krolewska”. In fourth place, another Russian brand has firmly established itself - vodka “Yuri Dolgoruky” (“Youri Dolgoruki”), and Finnish vodka Finlandia, which is known to everyone, closes the top five.

Interestingly, vodka "Crystal" uses not only high-quality alcohol and water, but also a special additive to soften the taste (regulation of acidity) in the form of malic acid. In its production, a special carbohydrate module called Alcosoft is also used.Vodka “Stolichnaya” is produced according to the classical technology, which has been developed to a high degree, which allowed this brand to become one of the most popular in the world.

World ranking (TOP-15): second five

In the second five presented less popular and good vodka. According to the downgrade, places are distributed as follows: Jewel of Russia vodka, Dutch Vincent, Rain (USA), Dutch Ketel One and English brand 3 Olives.

vodka crystal

Note that even good vodka from Holland and England is represented here, although these countries do not differ in special consumption of vodka products (except whiskey in Great Britain), since here we are talking more about the consumption of beer and its varieties.

World ranking (TOP-15): third five

The third five world rankings are presented in the form of such popular brands as “Russian Standard” (“Russian Standard”, Russia), “Vox” (Netherlands), “Stolichnaya” (Russia), American “Vermont Spirits White” and Swedish Absolut.

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It is clear that with such a rating you can not agree, because good vodka, not included in the "Top 15", is found in any country in the world. Nevertheless, based on these data, you can immediately see that Russian and Dutch producers are leading in production and quality.True, it is worth noting that Russia is more focused on the domestic market, and Holland - on the external one.

The best vodka

As is already clear, the French Gray Goose brand is recognized as the best vodka. But one should not forget that if such a rating were made, say, in Russia, in Ukraine or in Belarus, then it could undergo significant changes.

In addition, if you look at the price difference, we will not be able to afford much for a French drink. But Russian and Ukrainian varieties are relatively inexpensive (price for the same amount). Yes, and to taste here, too, it is possible to argue, because our people prefer, so to speak, classics, and with all this fiction with softening of taste, they absolutely do not need anything.

The most unusual and expensive vodka

Now we will focus on the most unusual varieties of vodka. About one from Swarovski has already been said. Among the most expensive vodkas, the Belver Bears brand, which became an official attribute of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, is worth mentioning. Its price is about 7 thousand 250 US dollars.

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But perhaps the most unusual can be called drinks like “Russo-Baltique” with a cost of 740 thousand dollars and “DIVA”, which is sold at a price of 1 million dollars.In the first case, the price is due to the fact that the cork of the bottle is made of yellow and white gold, and the SUV is attached to the load upon purchase. In the second case, the price rises due to the fact that when pouring into vodka add precious and semi-precious stones.

the best vodka

But all records will be broken by a more expensive version of Russo-Baltique vodka, the bottle of which is packaged in 30-centimeter bullet-proof glass, the cork, as it should be, is made with white and yellow gold, and an SUV with golden wheels is included in the purchase package. About the price of this product is not reported yet, but you can imagine how much such a drink will cost.

The result

In general, the choice of vodka, of course, depends on the taste preferences of the buyer and his solvency. Nevertheless, many manufacturers in the former Soviet Union today offer a fairly high quality product at a relatively small price. Naturally, it is not worth buying cheap vodka, home-made or a fake of some global brand. It is not known what could end the consumption of such a product. In addition, there is an unofficial system in the world, in which it is clearly stated that such and such vodka on the domestic or foreign market costs no less than so much and so much.That is why, at a deliberately low price, even famous vodka in a beautiful bottle is not worth taking.

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