The powder is the winter feather of the earth.

Occurs sometimes the word "porosha" can not be called commonly used. He is loved by poets and writers, sometimes people of the hinterland can put it that way. What does it mean?

What does the dictionary

The poem by S. Yesenin “Porosha” does not contain this word and does not clarify it in any way. The poet describes the winter road along the forest in case of snowfall. Let us try to figure out what the Brokhaus and Efron Dictionary of Definition defines the meaning of the word “powder”.

We read in it: this is a layer of snow that fell during the night, which by morning is full of traces of hunted animals. The dictionary divides the powder into its different types:

powder it

  1. Horseback (snow falls calmly from above) when the weather is calm.
  2. Nizovaya, which is also called the alien. It is formed from drifting snow when the wind pulls a layer of snow from place to place.
  3. The size of the snow layer distinguish fine or deep powder. It is determined by the trail of shoes. Small - not the whole foot falls into the snow. Deep - the opposite. There is also a very deep one called dead.According to such poroshe, livestock cannot pass, the shepherd needs to punch the way for the flock.
  4. Printed - traces are clearly imprinted.
  5. Warm - in the spring on melting snow.
  6. Soft - do not creak steps, as in the cold, a person goes quiet.
  7. Stiff - each track is accompanied by a crunch, creak or other sound.
  8. Blind - without a trace at all, a clean white sheet.

This is what the word “porosha” has for lexical meaning.

Origin of the word

It is known that in Russia there was such a name. It was given to children born in winter. In the historical chronicles records of the governor Ivan Poroshe, who died in 1530 during the campaign on Kazan, are preserved.

Etymological dictionaries find similarities with the Bulgarian, Serbian and Slovak, Ukrainian and Slovenian languages.

porosha meaning of the word

“Porosha” is a word of undoubtedly of Slavic origin. The root is the same as in the words "powder", "dust", "gunpowder". The powder is more or less understandable. But the "dust" is no longer used, as before. Is it only in the expression "to the nines".

Let's look into the dictionary Dahl. He interprets the word "dust" as dust, rotten remains, ashes. Interestingly, the word has another option - gunpowder. Dal described this word in detail, and this is what it means: loose substance, powder, dust.

Later, when gunpowder came to Russia for weapons, it was not in the form of small grains, but dusty. Its name was transliterated as “powder”, similar to powder.

Thus, the powder is snow-powdered earth.

powder lexical meaning

Literature use

A.S. Pushkin asks a servant in the poem “Winter. What should we do in the village ... ”:“ Is there powder or not? ”. By the fact that yesterday’s footprints are covered up, one can understand whether it was snowing at night.

MM Prishvin uses this word in several stories, describing the winter forest. In the forest, the land is almost always covered with snow, so this description cannot be avoided.

K. G. Paustovsky wrote about the first poroshe; D. V. Tolstoy wrote poems about her.

The story of A. A. Shakhov “The First Poros” is an example of the use of the word by hunters. A. I. Kuprin also writes about her, he is also an amateur of hunting.

Hunting use

Porosha is a letter in the snow left by paws and paws, tails, wings and abdomen of every animal. This tracker will disassemble the most intricate traces.

meaning of the word porosha dictionary

On the first snow to hunt well: everywhere you can go and the tracks are well read. So go for a hare and a bear, a fox and a roe. It becomes easier to track down the boar, this cautious beast.Elk goes to digest food, and it can be seen on the trail. Therefore, the first powder is so appreciated by hunters.

A warm powder keeps track for a long time, and for that, too, it is in the honor of the trackers. A snowstorm creates a poorly readable blind powder, and a lot of snow - dead. Hare almost does not walk in this weather.

As you can see, hunters often use this word and for them porosha is a hunting term.

Related words

Powder, powder, dust - this is all one action. Its meaning is to fall asleep with something small, dusty. What makes the powder. The meaning of the word has been clarified.

When it snows, he falls asleep all around, as if covered with a white veil. All traces on it are written again. Maybe that's why a synonym for powder - “perenova”? Renewal of the face of the earth.

Another powder called poroshenitse and zazimye or zazimk. M. M. Prishvin writes: "... at dawn, the wilderness fell out." And I. A. Bunin said: "Already fell wilderness on the field." It was protected by nature.

This is a toboggan path along the first snow, and the October wedding ceremony with the first cover, and the measurement.

But still the most beautiful name is the powder. Something fluffy and white in this word. Gentle and clean. That's what poets love him for.

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