Theaters long before the performance. This is a tour of the theater in the world.

World famous famous theatersWorld famous famous theaters

Top Famous Theaters in the World

The European capitals are bustling with activity. More than just vindictive fashionistas and tourists with cams. We are talking about those appreciating architecture, theater, opera, ballet, and music.

The Royal Opera at Covent Garden London
The capital of Great Britain has Shakespeare's plays for the first time. It is a glory of the Royal Ballet House and the Royal Opera House.

London on Covent GardenLondon on Covent Garden Today's opera building is the third one. For the first time, they received a “Secular oratorio” by William Kongreve's play. 76 years later the Covent Garden’s building was ruined by fire. The recovery took 9 months. Newly opened theater pleased the public with Macbeth. In 1856, the theater burned down again.

The second building of Covent Garden (1827)The second building of Covent Garden (1827) A 4-level hall accommodates 2268 visitors. The price of tickets at the Covent Garden varies from 15 to 135 pounds.

The Covent Garden theater sceneThe Covent Garden theater scene

The Palais Garnier or Grand Opera Paris
The Palais Garnier is the most famous theater of Paris. In 1669, Louis XIV gave the composer Robert Kamber. It has appeared in the Paris district of the IX century. It started performing in the Palais Garnier, erased by the architect Charles Garnier in 1875.
The Paris opera of Charles GarnierThe Paris opera of Charles Garnier
It is not the drama, Music, Poetry, and Dance that has been embraced by the musicians. It also has seven arches. The majestic shining dome crowns the building.
Inside the palais garnierInside the palais garnier
The Grand Opera’s composers ’performances were performed during the years of its existence. She sheltered the premiere of "Ballerina and Moor" opera by Stravinsky. It’s nearly the most visited theater in the world.

Vienna State Opera

Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Austria. Opera in the world.
The Vienna State OperaThe Vienna State Opera
The building of the opera was built in 1869. Mozart's opera “Don Juan”.
Vienna Opera House
The building has often become an extremely widespread neo-renaissance style. It was the tenantspicious side of the building.
The old photo of Vienna State Opera (1900)The old photo of Vienna State Opera (1900)
During the World War II, the theater was partially destroyed. However, it was solemnly re-opening the “Fidelio” by Beethoven in 1955. Opera by the number of performances. During 285 days in a year, this building on the Ringstrasse shows about 60 operas. Every year, it’s one of the most important things to do when it comes to the list.
The Vienna Opera Dressing CodeThe Vienna Opera Dressing Code

La Scala Opera House

Renaissance epoch. In 1776, the architect of Santa Maria Della Scala of Milan He decided to construct the theater.
The La Scala Opera buildingThe La Scala Opera building
It was found that it was a marble slab. Builders apprehended this as a sign from above. The "Europa riconosciuta" by the composer Antonio Salieri became the first opera of the Scala theater. By Gavazzeni Gianandrea, Arturo Toscanini, and Riccardo Muti
Inside the la scala theaterInside the la scala theater
The Scala is today seen as one of the most famous theaters of the world.This is a theater in Milan after the Milan Cathedral.
The photo is taken at the "Adia" opera by Giuseppe VerdeThe photo is taken at the "Adia" opera by Giuseppe Verde
It was carried out for the last time. The opera “Europa riconosciuta” by Salieri was again shown at the updated stage.

Palace of Catalan Music (The Palau de la Música Catalana)

The Palace of Catalan in Barcelona is a pretty young opera house (in comparison with previous ones). For music in 1908 only. It’s not a problem. This is why waves and spirals prevail over straight lines here. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866465261.jpg # The Palace of Catalan Music is lit with the sun} This is where the European and Arabian cultures intertwined closely.
eThe facade combines the European and Arabian architectureeThe facade combines the European and Arabian architecture
But the main feature of the concert hall is its lighting. The illumination is completely natural. The Palace of Catalan Music Beams of the sun, refracting, create an indescribable effect! {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866465757.jpg # The Palace of the Catalan Music’s stained-glass ceiling}

The sydney opera house

It is the most recognizable and unusual opera house. It’s white sail-like walls. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866467955.jpg # The Sydney Opera House in the afternoon} The Queen Elizabeth II visited the event. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866468428.jpg # The Sydney Opera House’s opening, 1973} Everyone knows the outside of the Sydney Opera House. Now let’s look inside. You will see the unbelievable combination of futurism and a gothic style! {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866469301.jpg # Australian opera house looks inside} The total area of ​​the building exceeds two hectares. It’s been the headquarters of the Australian Opera, the Sydney Theater and the Sydney Theater Company.
The Sydney Opera House at nightThe Sydney Opera House at night
The house will take it a lot of energy.

The kabukiza theater

European houses. And what about the theater? What features it has? in particular, let’s learn the Japanese culture. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866471650.jpg # The Kabukiza Theater is located in the Ginza area, the center of Tokyo} It is a classical Japanese theater that integrates music, dance, and verses. The stage decoration during the performances is a kimono of actors. It is a rule of thumb to understand how to understand it. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866472443.jpg # Nevertheless, it is adored by either Japanese or tourists. None of the 1964 seats during the performances. The price of tickets begins from 15 thousand yens. An audio guide for you.

The Radio City Music Hall

New york
Built in the center of Manhattan in 1932, the New Yorkers. Performances, musicals, jazz orchestra performances, fresh movies debuts–. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866473316.jpg The 20th century still captivate both of the Americans and tourists. {you # hiPyQxd - vQ # The Christmas musical is especially popular} The Radio City Music Hall can accommodate 6 people. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866474498.jpg # Radio City Hall Hall’s pride.

The semperoper

It is also called the Saxon State Opera or Semperoper in honor of Gottfried Semper architect. It was the first performance of the majestic building on the April 12, 1841. The Goethe's play was the first performance sounded from its scene. Afterward, there has been a premiere of many operas of Richard Wagner. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866475090.jpg # The dramatic building of the Semperoper} The statuettes of great playwrights. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866477843.jpg # Inside the Saxon State Opera} The World War II destroyed Semperoper. The building was completely recovered only in 1985. {img # images / content / 2017/2 / uzn_14866476883.jpg # The bombs destroyed the Semperoper}

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