Unanimously rat collective

A friend is engaged in hard physical work. And it is necessary to work according to the schedule two in two and for 12 hours. Schedule such. And then at one point, an emergency occurs - the authorities need to fulfill an urgent contract, and you don’t want to pay extra money, of course.
Therefore, men are strictly asked to go on an unscheduled night shift for time off. Since the processing of the head office will not be approved and, in general, the salary fund is planned out (it is such a railway - big and cumbersome). Therefore, we must work for the day off. Really needed.
Men gather and begin to resent reasonably. What does it mean for time off? For such work they must pay nightly, and this is double payment, and then there is also an unscheduled way out! Will not go. This is how the whole team works together and quietly goes home.
After that, an acquaintance met with friends and told how well they had agreed. He was then relatively young and inexperienced, albeit on a very good account, one might say indispensable.An experienced and burnt life friend calmly remarked to him:
- We can argue with you, what do you want, that you will still find rats who will bend over the authorities and come to work as a bayonet for this very nafig not necessary time off.
A young and inexperienced colleague was hot and crucified:
- You do not know our team. We have all the men of the world. No one will pass. All as one. We will not leave and all.
A month later, they met again with friends at a regular meeting and he told the continuation of the story.
It was simple. As a result, EVERYTHING except for him came to work at that very unplanned night shift. True, in the end, he, too, had nothing, not even the premium was cut and said nothing. Well, the crew silently silent.

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