Vaginal balls: reviews, versions

The sexual component of the relationship between a man and a woman is not only heavenly pleasure, but also a necessity dictated by the desire to extend the race, as well as concern for health. Unfortunately, with age or after several pregnancies, the sensitivity and muscle tone of the vagina in many ladies are significantly reduced. This nuisance makes it difficult to enjoy the process of intercourse at the level that was previously.

Experienced ladies in this matter, as well as wumbling coaches recommend special exercises and simulators for solving the problem. In this article you will read reviews about vaginal balls - allowable pranks for lovely ladies, a small secret weapon in the struggle for bright sexual impressions and intimate health of a woman.

What are vaginal balls for?

Balls - a simulator that gives an unforgettable feeling of sensual fullness, but you should not treat them only as a sexual toy.Although those who use them during sex, leave great reviews. Vaginal balls make intimate games brighter, more interesting and more exciting.

So, let's talk about how the simulator helps women improve intimate health. Let's specify what problems solve the vaginal balls. According to reviews of doctors, obstetricians and gynecologists, the products are the prevention of such diseases:

  • myoma;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • erosion;
  • infertility.

For women who are cold enough in bed, which is the cause of discord in the marriage, this simulator will help to overcome stiffness, to feel keen desire. Frigid ladies will feel the rolling waves of desire and pleasure, and finally discover the secret of long-term pleasure inside the womb.

According to reviews of vaginal balls from recent mothers, it can be judged that they do an excellent job with the problem of urination, omission of organs located within the pelvis.

Ladies who have entered menopausal age, with the help of vaginal balls, cope with the severe course of menopause, discomfort due to dryness during sexual intercourse, hormonal spasms.

Silicone Vaginal Balls

Where can I buy?

Vaginal balls are not sold in pharmacies. They will have to go to the sex shop. For those who are shy, there is a great alternative - online shopping.

What is the difference?

Balls for training the vagina exist in different sizes. For beginners, especially women who have given birth, experts recommend purchasing products with the largest diameter. Gradually, it will be possible to switch to balls with a smaller diameter.

There are even special kits, which include 5-6 products. For women who are not yet aware of the issue, this number can be confusing. However, it is not necessary to put all the simulators in at the same time. You will change them to achieve progress in training. For the most experienced girls - vaginal balls with the smallest diameter.

The next, in which the products are fundamentally different, is the material from which they are made.

There are such kinds of balls:

  • latex;
  • silicone;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • jade.

Further products for training the muscles of the vagina differ in smoothness of the surface:

  • balls with a smooth surface;
  • products of an unusual form (with thorns, non-uniform structure).

There are also unusual options:

  • with offset center of gravity;
  • with vibration;
  • weighted

How to choose vaginal balls?

Going into a sex shop, you can get confused from the huge number of balls for training vaginal muscles. Let's try to shed light on the question of choice.

Latex balls

Latex balls are an excellent object for the first acquaintance with vaginal simulators of this type. Pleasant to the touch material is well suited for experiments. Remember that latex is a natural material that can cause an allergic reaction. Irritation inside the vagina is a dubious pleasure. Therefore, these balls will suit the ladies who know that they do not have latex allergy.

Glass balls

Glass balls are considered to be a good and the most environmentally friendly material. Their main advantage is that their surface does not react with the vaginal mucosa and secretions. Another plus is the absolute smoothness and aesthetic appearance. The most expensive and heavy ones are rock crystal balls. They are considered to be an instrument of a professional.

Crystal Vaginal Balls

Metal balls

The best reviews of metal vaginal balls.They are absolutely smooth and very pleasant to the touch. The only thing recommended is to warm them with your own breath before use. It was these balls that Anastacia and Gray used in the film Fifty Shades of Gray. Probably, it is difficult to think of a better response than the favor of the most famous connoisseur of sex toys.

Quality products made of medical steel or aluminum. Metal specimens have the greatest weight. They will suit an experienced lady, because keeping them inside is not so easy.

Metal vaginal balls

Plastic balls

If you choose plastic balls, then pay attention to the option with a steel core. This product has no seams, which means there is no place to gather pathogenic microflora. In their manufacture is not used glue. Perfectly polished surface for best slip. An excellent option are products TM VAGITON series Balls.

Plastic vaginal balls

Silicone Balls

Your choice fell on silicone balls? If you choose products from a reputable manufacturer, you will know for sure that they will not cause an allergic reaction, since there is not a single drop of plastic or latex in the composition.Good reviews of vaginal balls OVO series L3. This is a sturdy toy. The balls are easy to use, the colors are pleasing to the eye. Also, positive reviews of Fun Factory vaginal balls deserve positive feedback. This is one of the most popular brands in this niche.

Unusually shaped vaginal balls

Reviews of vaginal balls with vibration

As a rule, they are used by those girls who are already familiar with sex toys, for example, a vibrator. Inside the balls for the vagina is placed vibromodule. The kit includes a remote control with which you can exert a piquant effect on the female womb. According to the owners of such products, they feel more refined sensations than when using a conventional vibrator. Such a toy may not like men. After all, the mere thought that it is possible to influence the intensity of female pleasure, without touching your partner, drives anyone.

Vaginal balls with vibration

Reviews of vaginal balls with an offset center of gravity

This type of vaginal simulators is unjustified in terms of effect popularity. The product looks like a hollow sphere with a metal ball inside. Its diameter is much smaller than the diameter of the sphere in which it is placed.This allows it to roll, creating the effect of a kind of vibration inside the body. The weight of such products is significantly less than that of the classical counterparts.

The advantages of this product are that the vibration that the owner feels when changing body position or walking brings extraordinary pleasure and increasing desire. These balls are created for sensual pleasure.

Experts dispelled the myth that the vibration can cause the muscles inside the female womb to contract reflexively. This has nothing to do with reality. In fact, until the woman independently begins to strain the vaginal muscles, then no vibration will help her in this. It is wrong to buy vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity in the hope of strengthening the internal muscles.

If you decide to purchase just such an option, then pay attention to proven brands. Good reviews on Love Story vaginal balls from the One Thousand and One Nights series.

Thai balls

This means for narrowing the vagina, which is significantly different from others. Also, the manufacturer promises to increase sexual arousal and help in the treatment of gynecological problems, such as thrush. Reviews of vaginal balls from Thailand are generally good.

The structure includes components that help with hemorrhoids. For such purposes, they can be used by both women and men. Thai balls are made of compressed grass and are more likely tablets, which gradually dissolve inside the vagina.

The composition of the balls from Thailand:

  • gall oak;
  • bamboo charcoal;
  • Pueraria Mirifica.

According to reviews of Thai vaginal balls can be judged that they are quite an effective means to narrow the vagina. After just a few months of use, a man may feel an inaccessible feeling, as if having sex with a virgin.

If you want to use vaginal balls from Thailand before sex games, then you need to use them about 6 hours before intercourse. Having sex after applying Thai vaginal balls, according to reviews of couples who tested them, is something incredible. The pills promote sexual arousal and also produce a slight contraceptive effect. Therefore, if the spouses want to conceive a child, then using them is not recommended.

Myths around jade balls

The word "jade" here will have to put in quotes.The fact is that most of the products that are sold in esoteric centers that multiply at the speed of sound, wumbing schools, various centers of women's practices with a dubious reputation, have nothing in common with this stone. In most cases, this is a Chinese fake.

Jade Vaginal Balls

As a rule, after using such balls, or rather eggs (products have the shape of an ellipse), itching and severe irritation appear. Many ladies complain of thrush. The leaders of the centers explain this phenomenon by the fact that in the first months of use the vagina is cleaned.

In fairness, some sellers do not even suspect that they are selling a fake. There was confusion due to translation difficulties. The fact is that in translation from English jade sounds like jade, that is, jade or jade. It is a completely different mineral and cannot be used for such purposes.

By the way, not a single official source on lithotherapy (treatment with stones) says anything that products made of jade or jadeite have a positive effect on the vaginal mucosa. If you still want the balls from this material, it is best to contact a stone processing workshop.So at least you will know for sure that you own jade balls.

Contraindications to the use of vaginal balls

  1. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  2. Infectious diseases.
  3. Any chronic diseases of the reproductive system in the acute stage.
  4. Allergic reactions (need to test the material from which the simulator is made).

Feelings when using products

This is an incredible feeling of inner fullness. When walking balls roll and massage the walls of the vagina. In addition, you have to support them with internal muscles. If before that you did not feel them, then after a month of training, you will understand that there are several types of muscles in the vagina.

Attention! A warning to girls who are just familiar with the balls from more experienced women. In no case do not go out with them on the first day on the street. The fact is that when walking the balls massage the walls of the vagina, which inevitably causes sexual desire. That is, a natural lubricant appears inside you, and the products can simply slip out! Even if you hold them well at home. When wearing balls inside for a long time, the release of a large amount of lubricant is irreversible.Later, when your muscles get used to keeping the weight of the products, you can attend any activity with the simulator inside, including fitness classes or any other sport.

There are a small percentage of women who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. So, according to their reviews, vaginal balls did incredible. They gave the opportunity to get multiple orgasms. The whole thing is to increase the sensitivity of all the same intimate muscles.

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