VIDEX batteries and accumulators

I recently tested 22 Videx LED lamps and they turned out to be good. Representatives of the brand offered me to test VIDEX batteries and batteries.
Under the VIDEX brand, a variety of different batteries are available: AA batteries, AAA, C, D, Krona, AA / AAA NiMh batteries, lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries, watch tablets and toys batteries.

I tested the 18650, AA, AAA batteries and AA and AAA batteries using an analyzer created by Oleg Artamonov (
18650 batteries

Under the VIDEX brand, there are four types of 18650 - 2200 mAh batteries with and without protection and 2800 mAh with and without protection. Such batteries are used in electric vehicles (from scooters to Tesla cars), in jacks, in flashlights and electronic cigarettes.
I measured the capacity of the batteries, discharging them with a constant current of 1000 mA.

The battery capacity of 18650 2200 mAh exactly corresponds to that stated. The 2200 mAh battery with protection seems to have some other chemistry - it has less voltage, but the capacity is significantly higher than the declared one. The 2800 mAh batteries have a measured capacity of about 2700 mAh.

AA and AAA batteries

AA batteries were tested at 500 mA and 2500 mA discharges.Batteries are sold in pairs, so I tested both copies.
I will not give the graphics discharge all batteries (too many). I will show only the graph for 2500/2700 mAh batteries.

Test results.

AAA batteries were discharged with currents of 200 mA and 1000 mA. Results.

As my grandiose testing of AA / AAA batteries ( showed, AA batteries with a capacity above 2550 mAh do not exist and all AA batteries with 2600 mAh and more are written in reality have less capacity. Most brands of batteries have a real capacity of 10% lower than stated and VIDEX is no exception.
AA and AAA batteries

There are three types of AA batteries in the VIDEX assortment - saline orange, alkaline in a cardboard blister of 4 pieces and alkaline in a mini-blister of 2 pieces.
For testing AA batteries, three modes were used:
• Discharge DC 200 mA. Such a load is peculiar to electronic toys;
• Discharge pulse 1000 mA (10 seconds load, 10 seconds pause). Such a load is peculiar to digital devices;
• Discharge pulses 2500 mA (10 seconds load, 20 seconds pause). Such a load is characteristic of powerful digital devices - cameras, flashes.
Measurements were made when the batteries were discharged to a voltage of 0.7 V.
Discharge current 200 mA.

Discharge current pulses 1000 mA.

Discharge current pulses 2500 mA.

It turned out that batteries in a large blister are different from batteries in a small one. In appearance, the batteries are absolutely identical, only the release date is different - 10.2016 for the first and 11.2016 for the second. For comparison, I will give the results of testing common GP and Duracell batteries from my grand battery testing (

Videx salt batteries are identical to the best salt batteries from other brands. VIDEX alkaline batteries in a package of 2 each have the same capacity as most common batteries. The capacity of alkaline VIDEX batteries in a blister of 4 pieces was 14% less than that of their counterparts in a package of 2 pieces and half as much when discharged with a high current. They correspond in capacity to the outsiders of my testing - Philips and Panasonic batteries.
I tested two types of AAA batteries of the VIDEX brand - alkaline in the mini-blister of 2 pieces and salt ones.
For testing AAA batteries, two modes were used:
• Discharge DC 200 mA. Such a load is peculiar to electronic toys;
• Discharge in the "constant resistance" mode with an initial current of 1000 mA (the current decreases as the discharge proceeds). This mode emulates the operation of batteries in the lamp.
Discharge current 200 mA.

Discharge current 1000 mA.

For comparison, I will give the results of testing the batteries of other brands.

Both alkaline and saline VIDEX AAA batteries have the same capacity as batteries of many other brands.
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