We go on vacation. How to write a vacation application?

Every employee dreams of a long-awaited vacation. But in order to go on vacation, you need to give the boss a statement. This document is drawn up according to a specific pattern. How to write a vacation application? What should be considered when writing and is it possible not to rest, but to take monetary compensation?

Types of holidays

A vacation is not only a period of time in which the employee rests and does nothing. Depending on the goals for which the employee takes leave, he is:

  1. Another paid. This is a vacation to which every officially arranged employee who has worked in the last place of work for at least six months is entitled. The start of vacation in this case is determined by the established schedule, and it should last no less than 28 days (the correct application for the vacation, which is paid, is presented below).
  2. Unpaid. This type of rest can be taken by an employee for personal reasons and the time that he is absent from work due to these circumstances is not paid.
  3. Training.Vacation used by an employee for study. During this period, he can receive his average earnings. In order not to lose benefits, you must submit a certificate from the place of study.
  4. Maternity. This type of leave is granted to an employee on the basis of a certificate of incapacity for work provided by a medical institution where a woman is registered for pregnancy.

how to write a vacation application

How to write a statement

We will discuss in more detail how to write an application for a vacation.

The document itself can be drawn up both by hand and in printed form. But you only need to sign the application manually.

A standard application should contain the following:

  • The cap (here are the details of the governing body and the employee who is going on vacation).
  • Headline
  • Text (in the body of the application, you must specify a request for a particular type of leave, indicating the date of drawing up the document and the employee's signature. If you plan to break up the leave, you must specify the rest period. For unpaid leave, you must specify the reason why the rest should be granted).

The application for leave, a sample of which is presented below, must be signed by the head of the organization.If the employee leaves to have a rest without a management visa, then the days of his absence from work will be considered absenteeism.

application for leave sample

How many days to write

If we turn to the legislative norms, then nowhere in the labor code is it spelled out how many days the employee must write an application for leave (the sample for study leave is presented below).

correct vacation application

But it is clearly explained what the employee should follow. In each organization must make schedules of vacations. This document follows the sequence and does not stop the work process.

For example, article 12 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation regulates the following: employees of the personnel department are obliged to notify an employee about the beginning of a vacation two weeks or less. The exceptions are certain categories of employees who are able to get a vacation at any time. For example, it may be an employee whose wife is on maternity leave.

In order for no one to have questions about when to write a statement, you must specify the dates in the documents of the organization.

Generally speaking, since the accounting department must prepare an order for the employee’s vacation and have time to accrue vacation pay, an application for rest must be made at least three days in advance.

The following is a form (application for leave) of the document when an employee needs unpaid leave.

leave application form

In this case, the terms of writing are also respected. At the same time, the employee cannot go on vacation until the application is signed by the head.

A few days on vacation

How to write an application for leave, if it is regular (or any other type), we found out. Consider a situation where an employee needs to take time off for future vacation.

The law provides for cases when the employer does not have the right to refuse:

  • in the case of marriage, the death of a relative or the birth of a child (can be granted at least five days, but with the provision of relevant supporting documents);
  • in the case when time off is requested by a working pensioner (the maximum time off is two weeks);
  • when a parent needs a child who has a child up to three years of age;
  • cases where the day off is necessary for a disabled person (in total, it can take up to two months);
  • family members of servicemen can take time off.

    correct vacation application

The above is how to write an application for vacation, if it is a few days on account of the main holiday.Days off on vacation must be arranged at the legislative level. The employee, first, must notify the head about the possibility of breaking the main leave. Secondly, to adhere to the same algorithm as when granting the next holiday.

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