Weaving baskets from plastic bottles: master class

At present, completely different means are used for handicrafts and handicraft products. Plastic beverage bottles have become especially popular. This material is not only widely available, but also absolutely free, which is a big plus.weaving baskets from plastic bottles

Recently, weaving baskets from plastic bottles has gained much popularity. The step-by-step instruction is so simple and clear that even a child will cope with the craft. The advantage of this material is that there is always a variety of textures and color solutions at hand.

Types of plastic for basket weaving

Any instruction on weaving baskets from plastic bottles will begin with listing the necessary materials. There are three main types of plastic that can be used for such crafts.

Plastic from bottles

This is the most popular material that is most often used for such work as weaving baskets from plastic bottles.It is distinguished not only by the variety of colors, but also by different densities, which makes it possible to make combined products for various household needs (household, decor, etc.).step-by-step instruction for weaving baskets from plastic bottles

Plastic packaging

Packaging is not as often used for weaving as bottle plastic, but still many needlewomen do not leave aside this material, actively using it. A big plus of packaging plastic is its length. A wide ribbon is much more convenient to cut into long ribbons that are used in weaving.

Other plastic material for weaving

Plastic surrounds us everywhere. Polycarbonate, milk packaging boxes, folders for papers, plastic cups. All of these materials can be used in work such as basket weaving. From plastic bottles, they, of course, turn out to be more dense than, say, from paper folders. However, combining and combining materials is the height of art in the style of hand-made. step-by-step instruction for weaving baskets from plastic bottles

Basket of plastic bottles

Let's look at the most popular workshop. In our case, the basket of plastic bottles will be made very quickly and easily. The main thing is to understand the principle of weaving, and then work will boil.

What is required

  • Several plastic bottles of various colors.
  • Office scissors.
  • Strong thread with a needle.
  • Any element of the decoration - bead, large rhinestones, buttons.


So, let's take a closer look at what is weaving a basket from a plastic bottle. A master class in weaving will always begin with the preparation of the material. Bottles must be clean and dry. If there were labels on them, then remove them with water and a stiff brush. weaving baskets from plastic bottles master class

Next, it will be necessary to cut the bottle so that the neck and bottom are separated. That is, for the work we need the central part of the bottle. However, do not rush to throw out the bottom, from it you can easily make a beautiful flower to decorate our basket.

We now need to cut the central part into many long stripes. How wide and long they will be depends on which basket you want to make. Each cut strip bend in half, and then we hide the ends in the central part of the workpiece. This can be done with both hands and pliers.

As a result of the work done, you should have modules.Any weaving baskets of plastic bottles is a kind of assembly of these modules. First a pigtail is made, then three more, and then they are interconnected in a square. Or a rectangle, if the basket you conceived should have just such a shape.

Now we make some more frames or squares, only each of them is smaller. Secure the square modules between them with the help of a thread and a needle. So we get the bottom. It remains to make more blanks that will serve as the sides of the basket. When the basket is the right height, it remains to make a handle. It is made on the same principle - weaving a chain or pigtails from small modules.instructions for weaving baskets from plastic bottles

Use the bottom of the bottle for decoration

Why did we leave the bottom? From it you can easily make a flower to decorate the handle. Connect the two bottoms to each other so that they touch the inside. Put a button or a bead on top. It is possible to fix the bottoms as a thread, and with the help of a glue-gun.

This method is perfect for the manufacture of baskets for flowers, square flowerpots for garden decoration, etc.

Weave with cardboard box

Also weaving baskets from plastic bottles is possible using the form. She will have a cardboard box. Take the box of the shape and size that you plan for the basket.

Here the task is even simpler than in the first case. From the bottles it is necessary to cut long threads. We put the first layer on the box, hook it with a clothespin so that the twisting tape does not interfere with weaving. Now we impose a second layer of ribbons so that they run parallel to the first. And we begin to twist them among themselves. Adding and braiding the previous rows, we make the bottom and sides of the basket to the desired height. Now it remains only to remove the cardboard form and slightly correct the rows.

This option is suitable if you need to make large roomy baskets. Very often, such weaving baskets from plastic bottles is used to make a laundry pouch in the bathroom or a spacious sleeping place for pets.master class basket of plastic bottles

Advantages and features of baskets from plastic bottles

Weaving of plastic has a number of features and significant advantages in comparison with other materials for needlework.

Water resistance

Products from plastic bottles are amazingly suitable for use as a garden or playground decor. They do not get wet, do not absorb moisture and rot. They are not afraid of changes in temperature and precipitation. Such products are easy to clean and dry quickly, making them reusable.


Besides the fact that this material is characterized by elasticity and resistance to deformation, it is also quite durable. If you, for example, are going to carry apples from the garden in a wicker basket, then it will easily withstand up to eight to ten kilograms. Weaving such a basket once, you can easily take it in the garden, in the garden, and mushrooms, berries.


We have already mentioned that plastic bottles are cheap, affordable and economical. Surely a lot of plastic is collected in your house when you buy bottled drinks. It is only a couple of months not to throw such a container, storing it in the garage or in the country, and by the summer you will have a lot of material that can be used to implement design ideas.weaving baskets from plastic bottles

Gloss and color

Among the plastic material there are not only transparent bottles, but also very bright ones (red, poisonous green, scarlet, blue, etc.).From such a variety of shades you can create a truly masterpiece of manual labor.

Since most plastic bottles are glossy, you will end up with a product that will play in the light with a wide variety of colors and highlights. Combining colors in the right way, craftsmen can get a refined and stylish product, which is not a shame for a friend to donate and decorate an apartment.

Plastic has one negative point. Many people treat bottles as waste and garbage, so they would never think that they can be used to create decorative elements. But after all, plastic is actively used as a container for food products, so its use is completely safe. In addition, deciding to create some large-scale work from the bottles, many collect plastic in the street, thereby freeing it from this garbage. And the benefits of society, and the benefits of business.

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