What are the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe?

29-12-2017, 20:00

The most beautiful New Year trees are waiting for you in the largest cities of Europe. They are a symbol of the Christmas holidays, ideally combined with hot and fragrant mulled wine, baking with spices. At the same time, it is not so important - an old or young tree stands on the square at Christmas.
If you decide to spend the Christmas holidays in Germany, France, Austria, Italy or other European countries, then do not miss the opportunity to admire the most beautiful evergreen trees. Each city will greet you with fragrant dishes, friendly smiles and an incredible magical atmosphere.
1. Vilnius

It is believed that here from year to year you can find the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe. In Vilnius, evergreen trees are amazing! Especially those that have been installed and decorated in the Old Town. Only on one tree you can find more than 900 toys and 70,000 light bulbs, which shine so brightly that you can easily see them when the plane starts to descend at Vilnius airport.According to the tradition, in this city a Christmas tree is erected from a metal frame on which large coniferous branches are attached - the remnants of agricultural work. One tree occupies a total area of ​​2500 square meters! But besides the Christmas tree, which causes children's delight among the guests of the city, a thematic bazaar is open in Vilnius, where you can find farm produce and handmade gifts.
2. Prague

Prague is a romantic city that seems to be wrapped in a magical veil, especially during the Christmas period. If you visit this city on holidays, you can enjoy open-air concerts, take a walk around the bazaar and take pictures next to the magnificent cathedrals!
3. Rome

If you look at the photo, you will understand that this city, along with the Christmas tree, does not need comments! Many people doubt that Rome is an ideal place to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, because all the streets are literally overflowing with priests, bishops, archbishops. But it is here that one can feel all the profoundness and joy when the world thanks God for the gift - the birth of Jesus.Stroll through the Christmas market in Piazza Navona, dive into this enchanting atmosphere of the Italian city!
4. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is considered to be the capital of Christmas, with which no other city in the world can match. Of course, many tried to imitate and even erected the same huge Christmas trees, as, for example, it was done in Vilnius, but this French capital of Alsace still creates an incredible festive atmosphere. In addition to the traditional Christmas market, you can see the incredible illumination. You probably do not resist the temptation to try the aromatic pastries, washing it down with hot warming mulled wine. If you see the Christmas tree in Strasbourg live, then you can safely assume that you have caught the coming of Jesus to our world! In this city, although they do not put huge evergreen trees, they make them the most beautiful and vibrant.
5. Vienna

More and more people are keen to celebrate Christmas in Vienna. It remains to find out why! First, the whole city is littered with lights, which creates the feeling that you are caught in a fairy tale. Secondly, the festive market in Vienna is a truly unique place where you can try pastries, fragrant drinks and buy handmade gifts.Thirdly, a giant tree, which can be seen even from a great distance!
6. Innsbruck

In Innsbruck you can find an incredible Christmas market, which is the most romantic fair in Europe. This is a paradise for both small and adults who gather in the center of the square to take pictures and make wishes around a huge festive Christmas tree. Look at the photo and see for yourself!
7. Brussels

Brussels, like Innsbruck, is famous primarily for its magic fair. At Christmas, this city is transformed, because it is shrouded in a myriad of flickering lights that surprise and inspire visitors from all over the world. Go to the capital of Belgium to celebrate Christmas. Here, on the Grand Place, you will see an incredible evergreen tree, which is littered with garlands and toys. And, of course, what a holiday in Brussels will go well, if you do not try the real Belgian chocolate bar!
8. Frankfurt

Germany is a European country that you must visit, especially if you just admire the Christmas atmosphere.The tradition to open a festive fair was born in this country, as was the decoration of the Christmas tree with glass toys. The German people just love to celebrate Christmas in a big way. Come and discover the traditional Christmas tree in Frankfurt, which is set on the Römerberg square.
9. Tallinn

If you want to celebrate Christmas as it should be - with snow, frosty air and red cheeks, then you should go to Estonia, namely to Tallinn. As it should be, here, at the Christmas market, the most famous Christmas tree is located, which is surrounded by cute houses. Each of them offers you hot drinks, souvenirs, clothes, food - everything you need to dive into the festive atmosphere.
10. Warsaw

It is impossible to resist the temptation to admire the irresistible charm in Warsaw. If you visit this city, you will surely notice that this is truly one of the most beautiful places in Europe. If you go to the west of the Old Town, you will be taken to the Christmas Square, where the festive fair operates - a joy for lovers of tradition, illumination and crafts. Also in Warsaw, you must visit the Palace of Culture and Science - one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
11. Brasov

Brasov is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It is an incredibly attractive and inspiring market, which is famous for its lush and bright Christmas tree. Brasov is loved both by children, adults and old people! But do not forget that not far from Brasov is a historical region - Transylvania, which is famous for its mystery and mysticism. Visit the castle of Dracula - one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe.
12. Stockholm

Stockholm is already a beautiful city, but imagine how it is transformed at Christmas! You can stroll through the historic streets of the Old Town, discover the incredible festive atmosphere. Once at the Christmas market, you can buy fragrant ginger bread, see the original Christmas decorations that illuminate the city every year.
13. Paris

Paris is a must-have destination for Christmas lovers. As in London, the festive atmosphere in this city will cause you a rush of romantic feelings, warmth and peace of mind. Every year, absolutely all the stores begin to compete with each other, showing ingenuity.You can see the best decorations and colorful windows. You will be especially amazed if you visit Galerie Lafayette But what a holiday without a real Christmas tree, which looks as if this is a huge and incredible tree that came to us from alien worlds. In whatever European city you go, incredible colors await you, showing that Christmas is truly a magical holiday.

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