What does Aquarius love?

Endowed with friendliness and kindness, Aquarius enjoy the fact that they act contrary to generally accepted standards. Fancy clothes or hairstyle means protest against social norms. How to understand this zodiac sign? First, let's find out what the Aquarius love.

The freedom-loving aquarius is distinguished by wit, originality and independence. Favorite word - "friend." In life, too, have many friends, but do not become attached to a particular person, but prefer to make new acquaintances. But old friends are not in trouble. Very truthful and hate lies.

Love to dream. What worries the thoughts of Aquarius now, humanity as a whole can only comprehend after 50 years. The “maiden” memory and absent-mindedness are compensated by a subtle intuition, a premonition of future events and an amazing ability to guess other people's thoughts. There is nothing supernatural in their way of thinking. Aquarius will never make hasty conclusions without making sure and not checking everything completely.

What do male aquarius love

Long conversations about friendship do not determine his relationship to love. After all, the attitude to this feeling in this sign is peculiar.Signal of love Aquarius is a manifestation of external hostility. In this way, he tries to hide his real feelings.

If a woman likes Aquarius, it is enough for her to intrigue him. The chosen one will receive great pleasure in solving the mystery and will not stop until he can reveal all the secrets. Although many may not like it, and they will terminate the relationship without knowing whether Aquarius loves it.

The ideal for an Aquarian is a woman who can be called a friend who will not make wild scenes of jealousy and claim to be expensive gifts. He is not in a hurry to lead the chosen one to the crown, preferring to talk about platonic love or about anything else like that. Tie themselves marriage bonds prevent him sick parents or simply a poor financial situation. A woman will not be able to fully understand how he likes Aquarius, until he finds out that all his friends are married. Then pride will leap up, and Aquarius will make an offer.

Aquarius-husband will not interrupt the old relationship with friends, but will remain faithful. Children for him are also friends who need something to teach. Accordingly, the children will compress such a friend, especially since he is friends with fairy tales and tells them well.

What do Aquarian women like?

Aquarius is the most beautiful woman of the zodiacal constellation along with Libra. She dresses and combed herself in various ways. She will be a pleasant companion until she notices a threat to her freedom or the ability to communicate with friends. Like male Aquarius, women are also in no hurry to get married and have the gift of foresight. They know how to predict the future, and their predictions often come true.

Many guys may say they love an Aquarian girl, but few can boast of finding reciprocity. But those who are lucky will get an excellent wife who does not like to squander and cooks well. With the advent of the child, the Aquarius turns all the attention to raising a baby. External restraint will not allow to show maternal love and tenderness.

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