Why dream of boots? Interpretation of dreams: boots

What dreams boots - comfortable or cramped, ladies' or men's, new or worn, model or simple, black, white, red, of expensive leather or rubber? What does it mean to take boots as a gift, buy, lose or bestow someone on them? Look at the dream books to determine the interpretation of dreams.What dreams boots

Bootsaccording to Freud

The founder of psychoanalysis, an Austrian by birth and a psychiatrist by vocation, Sigmund Freud argued that dreams are distorted images of consciously repressed desires, both unconscious and conscious. As a code for the mystery of dreams, he proposed using hidden desires that originated from childhood and replenished in the process of life in the subcortex of the brain. In principle, the scientist reduced the values ​​of dreams as a universal manifestation of primary instincts - sexual and aggressive, aimed at self-affirmation of the individual.

When revealing dreams, Freud resorted to symbolism. All objects with a limited hollow space that can accommodate the other, Freud considered women's symbols, including shoes.

What dreams bootsaccording to Freud

What dreams of new bootsThe psychiatrist did not give a direct indication of dreams with boots. When interpreting dreams according to Freud, one has to be guided by the generalized word "shoes" (boots, shoes, boots, etc.).

Great footwear - it's time to doubt their sexual attractiveness.

Convenient - full satisfaction with the sexual partner.

The footwear is small, the boots are too tight, they are washing the feet, the nail in the sole is in the way - the desire to change the partner.

Raznozhennaya - cooling feelings for his "half".

To care for shoes (clean, impregnate with cream) is a constant partner in your taste, changes are undesirable.

Dry wet shoes - beware of unplanned pregnancy.

Dirty shoes - worry about the beginning problems associated with the disease of the organs of the urogenital system.

What dreams of new boots? Buying shoes - the pursuit of new love stories. Choose a pair of several - the dreamer is not inclined to adventure and cautious in choosing a pair.

Wearing boots (other shoes) in a dream:

- for men - an urgent need for sexual discharge, but do not forget about the condom;

- for a woman - frigidity to male affection, it attracts female gender.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Sleep - black bootsWhy dream of boots? Wanga did not dictate this to her assistants. She interprets dreams about shoes, and their values ​​are different depending on age and gender.

For a young man: to see shoes in the mud - a successful and easy promotion on the career ladder; a dream in which he brushes his shoes means dissatisfaction with his behavior on the part of his superiors or parents. Wang advises to be more attentive to them. To step on (not indicated, barefoot or shod) in manure is a fair improvement in the financial situation, moreover, soon.

For a girl: shoes in the mud - soon her envious will be defeated by the fact that others will make sure of the decency of the young person; brush your shoes in a dream - you need to think about your spirituality, reduce the time for entertainment; step in the dung cake - to a new happy love.

For a married man who came to dung in a dream - quarrels with friends, troubles at work, discord in the family.

For a married woman, such a dream is favorable: a promotion or a costly gift from a spouse is possible.

To brush shoes with a brush - for a married man, his sleep speaks about his lack of complexes, the fear of responsibility.Wanga advises to relax and pacify their fears - the strength is enough for everything.

A married woman, when she sees in a dream how she cleans shoes with a brush, should be on her guard - disagreements and troubles are possible in the family. This dream is a hint. Allocate time to communicate with households.

Dream Miller

Wearing boots in a dreamLet's look at the interpretation of dreams G.H. Miller, as he saw the symbols of dreams. But in his book, beloved by many, called “The Interpretation of 10 Thousand Dreams, or What Happens in a Dream,” there are no concrete examples about boots. There are about other shoes.

Wooden shoes (hardly anyone now sees such in a dream, but still) - sad loneliness in poverty, for lovers - a sign of infidelity. Miller has an interpretation of dreams about shoes. Old shoes are tricky tricks on the road to success, be careful. For men to wear new shoes - pay rise, good luck in business. For a loving heart: to see your shoes on someone - a rival will appear. There is an interpretation about slippers, but this is a separate conversation.

Modern dream book

Sleep - red bootsShoes - a symbol of travel, so dreams with these necessary items in reality are most often associated with the upcoming road.

Why dream of boots? If durable and comfortable - good luck on the road. Worn and full of holes - expect a variety of obstacles. To put on or buy shoes of a knowingly larger size than you need - do not do your job, and this is unlikely to be a good solution. Losing boots (shoes) - a warning to refrain from long journeys and new beginnings. Repair model boots - enjoy work. To beat the heels to the boots - a rapid and unexpected success. What dream rubber boots? Expect an awkward situation. Perhaps someone wants to draw you into an ugly story, do dirty things. Be careful. Another interpretation of a dream: tedious walking through instances.

Boots are different: new, old, colored, rubber

Interpretation of dreams: bootsMany dream books interpret new clothes for acquaintance, for marriage, for business success, and prosperity. But it should be remembered that the interpretation of dreams is important appearance, size, quality and color of shoes, gender and age of the dreamer, what actions are made with boots.

If we take into account only the object of the dream (boots), then color sleep can be interpreted differently.Red boots mean: for a woman - true love, significant changes for a better life. For a young man, a dream about red-colored shoes is adventurous, secrets and secrets. To see a child in scarlet boots - ahead of the trip and amazing experiences. What dreams of new boots for men? For unmarried - to marry. Kirzy (soldier's) boots - a stubborn fight for something or someone. You need to be ready - a dream warns about it. Black boots: for a single man - a couple of cool temper will rise, for an unmarried one - marriage proposal. Sometimes black boots in a dream - to experience nostalgia or melancholy.

Brown, even if new and beautiful boots, shod in bare feet, - a person builds castles in the air (unrealizable plans).

Choose between white and black - to harbor a grievance, do not show fatigue.

Put on different boots (one leg - in white, the other - in black) - will start a "striped" life with a series of failures and successes.

Repaint the boots from white to black (or vice versa) - to become a support, even an ideal in the life of another person.

Winter white boots - an unexpected meeting. Light autumn black - get the news.

Black and white combined boots - do not rush to make decisions.

The blue coloring on their boots is a dream about the past, in which there were wonderful moments. Perhaps, to meet with friends with whom it is pleasant to recall the past.

To see other people's legs in white or black boots - to stun their problems with outsiders.

Not all dreams come true

Let only good dreams come trueUsually "empty" dreams are daytime. The probability of dreaming is close to zero on such dates of the calendar month:

  • from 1 to 2 (do not pay attention);
  • by 14 (may be harbingers of trouble);
  • at 16 and 25 (may warn of deception);
  • on 27 and 29 - do not matter.

Those who interpret dreams adhere to the lunar calendar: “empty” are dreams on the 3rd lunar day, as well as on 10, 14, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25.

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