What dreams of red roses?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 25, 2015
What dreams of red roses?

In real life, roses cause, as a rule, only positive emotions. So in a dream, this sign foreshadows events that will bring joy and pleasant impressions to your life.

We offer to learn more about what dreams of red roses.

Interpretations of sleep for women

  • To see red roses in a dream - it means you will soon expect a tumultuous romance with a new man, which may well turn into a more serious and stable relationship.
  • Red roses with a pleasant aroma - a sign of loyalty to your partner, physically and spiritually, he is only with you. Also, such a dream can predict good news that nothing can darken.
  • A bouquet of red roses is a harbinger of a carefree and happy life.
  • Collecting a bouquet of red roses or cutting them from a bush means that you can soon expect a marriage proposal from your lover. If you saw more bouquets in a dream, but from other flowers, their interpretation can be found in the article What dreams a bouquet for.
  • Get a gift of red roses - expect happiness.
  • But if you decorate your hair with buds of red roses - you are waiting for deceptions and destruction.

Interpretation of sleep for men

  • Just dream of red roses - expect joyful changes in relations with your companion.
  • Give red roses to a pretty girl - most likely, she will be your chosen one for many years.
  • Give a bouquet of red roses to your girlfriend - it means she deserves your love. But if you see how the bouquet begins to fade, then the relationship will be, though sincere, but fleeting.
  • If in a dream you are lucky enough to see how a red rose bush blooms - congratulations! You will soon expect replenishment in the family.

Common interpretations of a dream with roses

  • If the red rose is just starting to bloom, then it is worth waiting for a significant improvement in the material state.
  • A blooming bush of red roses means your dreams or the dreams of the closest people will come true.
  • Watering roses in a dream - in life you will do everything possible to ensure that your goals are realized.
  • Putting a rose in a vase - you can expect another romantic adventure.

Roses - one of the few flowers that foreshadow so many joyful changes in human life.

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