What if the thermometer crashed?

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What if the thermometer crashed?

You or your child accidentally broke a thermometer. How to get rid of a broken thermometer in a safe way? What if the thermometer broke? If a mercury thermometer is broken, then mercury is broken into a huge number of small drops upon impact or the slightest touch. Mercury itself is a liquid of silvery-white color. This substance is very toxic. If a person breathes mercury air, he gets poisoned.

Mercury poisoning can take a long timewithout clear symptoms. It can cause irritability, mild nausea or malaise, but, as a rule, many do not pay any attention to it. However, subsequently poisoning can lead to kidney damage and neurosis. Therefore it is very important to know how to get rid of the thermometer correctly.

What to do if the thermometer broke - the instruction

First of all, it is necessary to put on rubbergloves to prevent mercury from reaching exposed areas of the skin. Well, if you wear clothes made of synthetic material, as it is less susceptible to contamination with poisonous mercury vapor (a sports jacket or windbreaker is a good fit).

Small droplets of the substance can be collected with a syringe, two sheets of paper or a rubber pear. It is better to start collecting from larger drops of mercury.

The place where the thermometer broke is better illuminated with a flashlight or lamp, so as not to miss a single silver drop, because mercury is dangerous even in the smallest amounts.

If the thermometer is broken on a wooden floor, it is better to use a sticky tape or an adhesive tape to collect a hazardous substance. In case of contact with mercury under the plinth, it should be removed immediately.

What if the thermometer broke on the carpet? Carpet should be shaken out in a deserted place, and then processed. Process the place where mercury spilled, followed by a solution of chloramine or bleach. In the absence of the latter, you can use any substances that contain chlorine compounds (for example, Ass or Whiteness). At worst, you can use iodine or manganese, which almost everyone has in the medicine cabinet.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning mercury,since dangerous particles will settle inside the device and it will no longer be possible to use it. Vacuum cleaner filters can not hold all the mercury, and it will again be in the room, but in a more split state, which will make it much more difficult for you to clean the house.

Under no circumstances should you throw away mercury anda broken thermometer in a trash can or in a toilet bowl! Mercury settles in the sewer, and extract it from there very hard. They need to be placed in a jar of cold water to limit the evaporation of mercury, and close it tightly. The bank is best kept somewhere on the balcony, since low temperatures help to reduce the release of toxic substances. Then it should be transferred to representatives of special services, they also need to seek help and advice.

Materials and footwear in contact with mercurythe possibility of better throwing, but in no case can not be washed in a washing machine. They can be given to a specialized enterprise that collects mercury-containing waste.

The room in which the thermometer was broken should be ventilated, but it is important not to create a draft to prevent mercury vapor from spreading through the living space.

Sometimes the process of collecting mercury can be stretched for several hours. In this case, you need to take breaks and breathe fresh air every 10-15 minutes.

It is also desirable to drink more diuretic beverages, this will contribute to the withdrawal of toxic substances from the body.

At the conclusion of the mercury collection process, it is necessary to conduct a wet cleaning of all living space. In the future, such cleaning should be carried out daily and do not forget about regular airing.

Following these recommendations, you can maximally clean the apartment of mercury contamination in about 3 weeks.

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