What is a stand?

December 19, 2014
What is a stand?

There are a lot of different words and terms in Russian that are not always clear. Some words that come to us from other languages ​​can confound any person during a conversation if he does not know what this word means.

Let's take a closer look at what a “stand” is and where it is used.

Examples of the use of the word stand

In sports

In sports, this term is used if competitions are held on bench shooting. In this case, the term means the site on which the competition takes place. At the same time, there are trench and round stands in this sport. They differ in the location of participants on the field.

In science and education

There are two types of stands in science.

  1. Test. This is a time-tested and standards-based equipment, which produces various tests.
  2. A research facility is a scientific equipment that conducts research on things, phenomena, and processes. Often such a stand is experimental.

Sometimes a stand is called a structure that demonstrates a process at a scientific conference.

In advertising

Advertising stand - this is a special design or shield information of an advertising nature. The information can be both graphic and textual. Information is placed on the stand to attract the attention of potential customers to the goods and services of the company.

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