What is crying?

December 19, 2014
What is crying?

Some of us cry often for any reason, and some prefer to hold back tears. We do this for various reasons: hopelessness, grief, fear, resentment, and even joy. Most often, women and children tend to cry. For the little ones, this is sometimes the main way of communicating with adults (so, not yet being able to speak, they show their parents what they want).

It is noticed that people with strong spirit cry rarely, weak, feeling sorry for themselves - constantly. So what is the cry from the scientific and literary points of view?

Dictionary Definitions

First of all, it is a certain kind of psychosomatic emotional action (from the verb “to cry”), as well as the sounds resulting from this process. According to Ozhegov, there are voice sounds, inarticulate, expressing negative emotions, strong emotion, sometimes joy. Synonyms for the word cry - roar, howl, sob. According to Ushakov - voice sounds accompanying the shedding of tears. For example: "With crying ran out of the room", "loud cry of children."

Other meanings

  1. Ritual song at funerals, funerals, weddings.And in the old days, and even in our time, crying accompanies these events in some Russian villages. For example, before the bride had to cry before the wedding, hence the crying. In the literature, vivid examples are “Lament of Yaroslavna” (“The Talk of Igor’s Regiment”), folk laments.
  2. The selection of droplets of juice from the wood when cut. For example, "birch crying."
  3. And in terms of biology, crying is one of the physiological reactions of a person with various emotional upheavals (usually negative), accompanied by the release of tears from the corresponding glands.

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