What is dictation?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
March 11, 2015
What is dictation?

The word "dictation" comes from the Latin verb "dicto". Dictation is a variant of a written assignment in which students write various texts from the dictation of the teacher.

What is dictation for?

Dictation is carried out as a training of students in the study of the native or foreign language. The main goals of dictation are:

  • Learning spelling and punctuation.
  • Examination of knowledge on the topics studied.

Types of dictations

There are two main types of dictation: training and control. However, the division is conditional, since both species have a learning and controlling goals. In other words, students learn not only during teaching dictations, but knowledge is checked not only with the help of control dictations.

Training dictations differ in the algorithm of:

  • Precautionary dictation: an explanation of punctuation and spelling comes before writing a sentence in a notebook.
  • Explanatory dictation: in this case, the sentence is first written down and then its spelling is explained.
  • Commented dictation, when the explanation of orthograms and punctograms occurs in the process of writing a sentence.

For writing dictation usually choose passages of texts from fiction. However, teachers often conduct vocabulary dictations, and in this case words or phrases are dictated.

So, we hope, now you are well aware of what dictation is and what types it has.

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