What is morphology?

November 11, 2014
What is morphology?

The concept of "morphology" comes from two Greek words: "form" and "teaching". Thus, the answer to the question “what is morphology” is logical: “the study of the form or structure of something”.

In linguistics

The term "morphology" is mainly used in relation to linguistics and the structure of the language. Under this concept, a section is taken here, the object of which is the word and its significant parts. Its task is to define words as objects of natural languages. Also - a description of the internal structure of the word and those grammatical meanings that are expressed inside it.

Language Code

In conjunction with the syntax, morphology constitutes a grammar, sometimes meaning a part of the language system, one that should contain the rules for constructing and containing the words of a particular language. Thus, morphology as a section in linguistics includes a kind of generalization of information on various morphological rules of specific languages.


We all studied within the school curriculum, what the word consists of and into which parts it can be divided.Prefix, root, suffix, ending. Significant parts of words in linguistics are called morphemes. They tell words of certain meanings. There are also certain patterns of education and word changes. And morphology, as science studies, respectively, this inflection and word formation. Read more about morphology in linguistics and linguistics in our material What is studying morphology.

In biology

This term can be found in other sciences. For example, in biology. Here she studies the external structure of organisms: form, structure, patterns. And also - their internal structure (for example, human morphology or - anatomy). Thus, in biology, it is a discipline that should determine the differences in the types of organisms from each other.

In botany

Here phytomorphology is a section that studies the patterns of the structure and formation of plants. The task facing this science, in a broad sense, is the description and naming of all organs and tissues of plant organisms, the study of form-building processes in order to establish patterns and anomalies - both individually and in historical development plan.

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