What is potential energy?

Valeria Luksha
Valeria Luksha
January 14, 2013
What is potential energy?

C XIX century solved the problem for a person, what is potential energy or potential. Scottish physicist-engineer William Renkin coined this term, implying a physical quantity, which characterizes the ability of bodies or material points, objects to perform certain actions within other active forces. It can be said that this is a certain image characterizing the interactions between the body and the field or several bodies within the scientific approach to the study of this phenomenon. After all, joint activities may be different and with different potential. This is a kind of body energy that arises because of its location in a specific place at a specific height in the gravitational field of the Earth.

The pendulum, as a oscillating system or a compressed spring, as energy in reserve - these are the most common examples for familiarizing yourself with the concept of potential energy. Any physical object located on the shelf will have it in the ratio mgh, while m is the weight of the object,g is the acceleration during the free fall, and h is the height of the position of the mass of a body or object, from a selected arbitrarily zero exponent. Measured in joules. If a fall occurs, the energy is reincarnated into kinetic. The kinetic energy is also determined for one body, while the main indicator is speed. While for the determination of the potential, two bodies or a field interconnected with the object are necessary. The physical meaning and the main significance lies in the change, and not in the very meaning of the potential energy.

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