What is the best heel height?

What is the best heel height?

  1. that which is convenient for you. so that it was easy and convenient to walk.
  2. I recently read somewhere that the heel 11 cm helps to experience orgasm., Since if you walk on them constantly train and strengthen some muscles.
    Well, it's true, by the way ...
  3. For each his own .... Here I have flat feet and above 5 cm can not wear at all ... Good luck ...
  4. 2,5 - 3,0 see for the leg muscles to work when walking in full volume (the "muscular pump" provides blood flow through the veins of the lower limbs).
  5. Shoes on the heel visually make the figure slimmer, helps to straighten the back and tighten the stomach, gives self-confidence and turns the ordinary gait into a sexual one.
    But only in the event that you know how to choose and wear such shoes correctly.

    Varieties of heels.
    VIENNA - small (1,5-2 cm) heels, which increases the longitudinal arch of the foot. One of the most comfortable and useful for the foot.
    BRICK - a small (2-4 cm) steady heel, reminiscent of the shape of the square. Ideal for girls from 180 cm and above.
    CLINOVIDE - wide and high heel. Its back is much longer than the front. This form is suitable for everyone. Because the contrast of the foot with such a heel visually slits.
    COWBOY - heel with a bevel on the back. It looks tilted, but very comfortable. Shoes with such a heel look slightly rough, so that the legs look more elegant in it.
    CONE-SHAPE - at the base and strongly narrowed downward heel. The height can vary from 5 to 12, see.
    HUMP - wide at the base and narrowed downwards, like a leg at a glass. This heel is not too high (no more than 7 cm), but also not very stable.
    PILLOW - wide enough straight heel (from 5 cm and above). Very stable, therefore gives confidence to the gait.
    TANKET - Chopines (stumps), or walking footstools. The Japanese Geta, Greek koturny, Venetian zoccolo is perhaps the oldest kind of heel. Shoes with a solid sole made of wood or cork, sometimes without lifting, from 4 to 30 cm (or more). Very stable, but inconvenient for driving a car.
    STUD - high (8-12 cm) the thinnest heel, in the basis of which the metal rod (model, where the rod is not covered, is called the stylet). The sexiest version of a heel.

    Putting on a pair of high-heeled shoes, a woman activates dozens of laws of physics and mathematical formulas. Beginning with the Pythagorean theorem (where the height of the heel becomes a smaller leg) and ending with the formula just developed by scientists from the physics department of the University of Surrey (England): in order to confidently walk on heels, a woman should not wear heels higher
    S is the size of the shoe (according to the Anglo-Saxon scale). Q is a "sociological variable" that requires more complex computations: Q = p. (Y + 9) .L.
    P - the probability that a woman becomes really attractive by putting on high-heeled shoes.

    What is the best heel height? zero, then our favorite heels

    If this value is zero, then do not worry, putting on uncomfortable shoes.
    Y - the degree of confidence of a woman wearing heels, which is expressed in the number of years of wearing such shoes every day.
    L - cost of shoes. In other words, the more you pay for a pair of shoes, the more you are ready to suffer, so that the shoes are not in the closet.
    T - depends on how much beloved shoes fit modern fashion. Expressed in months. If its value is low or close to zero, then our favorite heels are "quoted", and they should be worn.
    A is the number of doses of alcohol. If you plan on drinking, pay special attention to the height of the heels, take into account the reduction in the level of coordination.

  6. 7,5 cm (in my opinion)
  7. optimally-8cm-you can walk a lot and your legs do not get tired. On the platform can be higher.
  8. It is not the height of the heel that is important, but the convenience of the shoe and shoes in general
  9. if you wear too high or too flat, then you can earn a flatfoot, so optimally up to 10cm))
  10. From the point of view of the lymphologist, for optimal functioning of the joint-muscular pump (for which the wearing of shoes without heels or on a thick platform is critical), prevention of varicose veins and thrombosis of the veins of the lower limbs, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, feet (prevention flat feet) and Achilles tendon (which is patologically shortened when wearing high heels), the best is a heel height of 4-6 centimeters, wide enough or a wedge.
    Source - a course of lymphology (manual lymphatic drainage and a complex of anti-edema physiotherapy measures by Dr. Feldi. (See site lymph.ru)
  11. I think that 6 see for everyday wear and 8 on holidays, but in any case, after a long period of wearing heels, you need to make cool foot baths.
What is the best heel height? degree of confidence of a woman

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