What is the "Visa Electron" of Sberbank?

Owners of cards with the payment system "Visa electron", issued by Sberbank, become holders of the opportunity to pay for purchases of goods in a non-cash way in many countries around the world.

In addition, the "Visa Electron" Savings Bank and otherscards are participants in shares held by the bank and its partners, and can also use special offers and receive additional discounts.

How to get Visa Electron card?

Sberbank electron visa

In order to issue a Visa Electron card,Sberbank, you should contact the employees, present your passport and write a statement. For registration, no additional documents are required that confirm the level of income and permanent place of work.

The "Visa Electron" debit card can beprovided by Sberbank as the main, additional or salary. The main card is provided to any individual who is a citizen of the Russian Federation not younger than 14 years old and registered in the bank's service area. In addition, the cards are provided to non-residents, or those who do not have a residence permit at all. In this case, you need to contact the head of the office in person.

An additional Sberbank card is issued asresidents and non-residents is not less than 14 years old, but only if the owner of the main card directly addresses the bank. In addition, a person who has reached the age of ten, who is a close relative of the holder of the main card, can also own such a card.

card visa electron savings bank

As for salary cards, they are provided only if a relevant agreement has been concluded between the bank and the employer. You can receive a salary not only in rubles, but also in another currency.

The annual service fee for these cards is 300 rubles. Additional cards cost 150.

When you open a card, it is not necessary to make a down payment, but remember that when you receive it there will already be a negative balance, since annual service can be canceled.

What are the advantages of the Sberbank card "Visa Electron"?

First of all, the merits of using suchcard is that it provides free services. For example, reissue the next or early. In addition, the suspension of the card is also completely free. Overdrafts on cards are not provided, so when it occurs, forty percent per annum is charged regardless of the currency used.

A small drawback is thatthe provision of an extract and a request for a card account, even when performing an operation through an ATM, a small fee is charged. To find out what is the amount of the spending limit on the card, you should also pay a certain amount.

Visa Electron card features

Sberbank card

The Visa Electron card (Sberbank) is considered,probably, the most popular of all cards with an initial level. It has the basic set of features, except for a few of them, but they still need to be taken into account. For example, when using a card abroad, there are some difficulties, as any ongoing operation should be coordinated with the bank online. If the terminal does not have such a connection, then the operation will fail.

During registration of a new card, consultantswill help determine the optimal map option, which will take into account all the individual conditions of its use. For example, for travelers, the Visa Classic card "Aeroflot" is offered, which has the opportunity to receive discounts when purchasing air tickets.

Very often Visa Electron cards are used inquality of salary. They are intended, first of all, for the performance of operations within the country and not only. According to the available list of bank card options, they allow you to pay for goods and services at home and abroad. In addition, you can pay for goods and services through the Internet, receive cash through an ATM. Transfer funds and pay for services through "Mobile Bank" and "Sberbank Online". Make payments and transfers through Sberbank's ATMs and terminals, and also deposit funds into the account in cash and by cashless way.

Is it possible to use the card abroad?

But, despite this all, the "Visa Electron"(Sberbank) provides for its use on foreign services, but since not every site will accept payment from such a card. For this reason, be sure to specify what features the card has, before paying for the purchase abroad.

services oao sberbank

Even the employees of the Savings Bank are recommendedwhen using Visa Electron and Maestro cards pay attention to which payment systems are accepted for servicing on websites or in the shops themselves, as well as get acquainted with the terms of payment.

For users of the Pay Pal system orEuropean payment system Moneybookers skrill, who want to bind the card to their account, it is best to first make sure that this possibility is really available, as the information changes very quickly, and only the bank can get an accurate answer. To do this, contact the Customer Service hotline.

What additional features does Visa Electron have?

card visa debit electron

"Visa Electron" of the Savings Bank upon receipt canbe connected to additional services, which significantly increase the opportunities it has. The most easy to use and really necessary is the service of Sberbank called "Mobile Bank." It can be provided for free or for a fee. It allows you to control the state of the card account, pay for services using a mobile phone, instantly block the card when it is stolen or lost.

Those customers who usually buy somethingthrough the Internet, registration on the personal page of the Savings Bank is also suitable. This service is called "Sberbank online". To connect it, just go to the bank branch with the card, and the consultant will help you to get your login and password. This is not all the services of JSC Sberbank, which can be connected to the card.

How to conduct operations in protected mode?

More recently, a new card protection technology called Verified by Visa was introduced. With it, the safety of card transactions via the Internet increases several times.

Immediately it is worth saying that "Visa Electron"Sberbank has no embossed data on its surface. Therefore, the name and surname of its owner are considered a payment requisite. The card data can not be forwarded to third parties in any way.

To fully verify the safetyoperation, you should use a separate card only for purchases over the Internet. The account of such a card is replenished only by the purchase amount and after that it is "reset". It is very convenient to use virtual cards intended only for payment of purchases through the Internet.

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