Kurdyuk - what kind of fat is it?

Lamb Kurdyuk - what is it? Perhaps you met this word when you were trying to find an authentic recipe for cooking pilaf. Let's get acquainted with this product.Kurdyuk what is it

Kurdyuk - what is it and what is it useful for?

This product is a special kindfat. It is located at the back of the mutton carcass. Butchers are usually well informed about the value of the Kurdyuk. What is it and how to cook it is well known by those who are closely acquainted with the cuisine of Uzbekistan. Not only pilaf with this kind of fat becomes unique. There are several other ways in which we can cook deliciously. What are these recipes, how to prepare such fat for use, we will tell in this article.

The use of the product in question for health,despite its high fat content, is obvious. It well activates peristalsis, has a choleretic effect, and (as, indeed, any fresh fat) is a good natural immunomodulator.

How to cook a rump so that the unpleasant odor is not felt

how to pick up an oil jacketThis kind of fat is unpleasant to many because of itsspecific flavor. Let's prepare it so that the smell is not felt. Also this method will help to harmonize the taste of fat. First, boil the rump. Time depends on the size of the piece - lard will have to be sampled during the whole cooking. Or poke a toothpick. While the crook will be prepared, you need to make garlic dressing. Peel 4 heads of garlic and rastolkite with a large salt. Add black and red ground pepper, chopped parsley and dill, crushed coriander. Mix well until uniform. Boiled Kurdyuk need to squeeze from the water, a little cool. Apply a solid piece of deep incisions, but not completely cut through. You should be able to open the trousers, like a book with thick (1-2 cm) sheets. Now each layer should be smeared with the prepared mixture - abundantly and from two sides. After all the pieces are abundantly smeared, fold the layers of the kurtjuk together, cover with an acute dressing and top, wrap in food film and cool well on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Now, fat should be well saturated with the aroma of spices. This may take from one to several days. The finished product has a pleasant smell and it is easier to eat than the untreated condiments fat. Serve lard cold, cut into small pieces.

How to pick up the Kurdyuk before smoking

A fresh piece of fatty fat, washed anddried, plentifully covered with salt and left for a few days in a cool place. Then hang in the smokehouse for a few days until it becomes dull and transparent.how to cook a kurdyuk

Stewed Kurdyuk with vegetables

Fresh cabbage (small fork) chop,salt and mash hands. Kurdyuk (250 g) cut into cubes, drown in a frying pan and fry onion until soft. Then add cabbage, flesh of four tomatoes, peeled, green onions, salt and cumin. Stew on low heat until cooked. If necessary, add a little liquid. A similar dish can be prepared from sauerkraut. Before cooking it is desirable to soak it to remove excess salt.

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