How to be charged with energy? What to do when there is not enough energy?

Probably, every person had moments inlife, when there was a complete devastation and a decline in strength, both physical and mental, and the whole harmonious course of life turned out to be a big question. As a result - body diseases, nervous breakdowns and depression, craving for alcohol and ruined relationships. What to do in such cases? How to recharge and where to find the source? How not to waste your life forces in vain, but to direct them to creation? Such important knowledge and skills of children in schools are not taught.

Why is there not enough energy?

how to be charged with energy

Factors affecting the state of the energy industry are abound:

  • poor sleep quality;
  • sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle;
  • negative thoughts;
  • poor and malnutrition;
  • a surge of emotions, especially negative ones;
  • lack of proper rest;
  • addictions.

One of the strongest reasons for squandering lifeforces are considered emotions - a person in a state of affect literally burns energetically, leaving only a shell that hardly can support the basic functions of the body. Anger, envy, lust and foul language are the destroyers of number 1 for the energy body through which man interacts with the of sleepAnd instead of helping the body to recover,many resort to the directly opposite actions - they eat a lot and harmful, take alcohol to "relieve stress," go to work, forgetting about sleep and rest, provoke the development of negative thinking, and, therefore, an even more biased assessment of what is happening. How to properly charge with energy and prevent its leakage?

The guarantee of a good sleep

During a full sleep, the person's soulconnects to the Universe and is fueled by its power, is the main source of recovery. The science of sleep is simple enough, but most ignore the immutable elementary truths, looking for the cause of weakness in more tricky corners. Thus, again losing the objectivity of thinking.

A person should get enough sleep if he wants to increasestrength level! But this does not mean - sleep 12 hours a day - just need to stay up until eleven in the evening. The concept of "owl" and "lark" is rather controversial, in the modern world it is too rooted in the minds of people, but the essence remains that - the human soul is maximally fueled from the Universe during sleep only until two in the morning. Then gradually the feed channel closes, and by five or six in the morning it is completely closed. Of course, it can be reopened with special energy exercises, but this is also an additional force.

The bedroom is the holy of holies of man.Do not let everyone in there indiscriminately, drive guests to brag of new wallpaper or lights. This is personal. It is very good if the bedroom has no TV, computer and other things that affect the electromagnetic level. The colors of the walls should be soft, pastel, tuning to sleep. Mandatory airing before bed, if it's cold - it's better to take a warmer blanket than to breathe stale air. How to recharge your batteries in the morning? Yes, just sleep!

Feng Shui Dream

And how to sleep right on the side of the world,will tell the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, which is closely intertwined with the yoga system. If we follow the traditions of these teachings, then it is recommended to sleep head to the south, and feet to the north, so that the magnetic poles of man and Earth coincide. But if the layout of the bedroom does not allow, you can sleep with the crown to the east.

how to sleep right on the side of the world

The science of sleep on the Feng Shui system advisesinitially correctly place the bed - it is extremely undesirable to sleep with your head or feet to the door, and also face to the mirror. But in which direction to lay down your head - to solve where it is more difficult - you need to know what type of people you belong to: east or west (this is calculated by a special technique), then the weaknesses of the person, wishes for the future are determined, and already, proceeding from all factors , the bed turns in the right direction.

It is also important, with what thoughts and mood lay downpeople sleep, especially if they are spouses sleeping in the same bed. At the moment of sleep, the sleeping bodies' energy bodies are closely intertwined, mixing and evenly distributing the resultant. If the wife went to bed with a smile, and her husband, irritated by the scandal with a neighbor, then the next morning they will wake up in a similar condition - with a headache and not enough sleep. Maybe that's why in the old days the spouses slept very often in different rooms? To women's great power is never overshadowed by the military battles of her husband?

Where does a woman take energy?

A woman is considered the pivot of the world. Bereginya hearth, muse of a man, a mother giving a new life. A woman needs constant replenishment with a new energy - after all, she is entrusted with such a difficult mission, and in times of severe downturns or devastation, the space around her acquires completely different colors. How to recharge the life energy of a woman?

- Pamper your physical body: massages, hairdressers, nail care, masks and creams. A tactile sensation is important to a woman: touching, kissing, stroking, embracing. And if a man does not give his wife due attention - let him prepare for the decline of her strength, and therefore her own. Without caresses, the energy of a woman is falling rapidly.

- Walking, hiking, contact with the sun and nature. Every day at least half an hour a woman needs to walk. Do not run on business or work, namely aimlessly strolling, enjoying the sun, air and space. A shopping trip can sometimes replace these walks, but only occasionally, but leaving the country for nature or to the sea is a very powerful stimulation of female power.

- Gifts. Again, attention from the men. It is attention, not an attempt to pay off. Put an envelope with money "buy what you want" - it's short-sighted from the side of her husband! After all, a gift can be not only a material thing, but a compliment said in time, an encouraging smile, a cup of tea in bed or a foot massage after work.

- Your corner in the house or creativity. Every woman has (or must have) a place in which she can retire at moments of her "storms" or sorrows. Some have a window sill with flowers in the kitchen, someone has a chair with a favorite book, and some have a bathroom with aroma-lamp, sea salt and candles. And men, whose wives are engaged in needlework, especially lucky - a woman in the process of creation receives a powerful charge of positive energy, which, of course, she will share with her beloved. The energy of creativity is very strong, so you need to encourage such impulses, even if others are to recharge your life energy woman

- Physical activity. There is already a choice for a woman: morning gymnastics to music or yoga, aerobics in a fitness center or jogging in a nearby park is a matter of taste, the main thing is that the soul should lie to it. But the excessive enthusiasm for power sports unfolds the female flow of energy on the contrary, and in time it can seem like a battle-babu. In everything there should be moderation.

- Leadership. In no case a woman should not pull on herself the whole pile of deeds, assignments and problems. Very many women "sow" their energy with the thoughts "it is better to do it yourself than to ask." We must ask! A man is a knight, only waiting for feats, even if it is a heavy bag or a nail in the kitchen.

You need to look carefully at all the points and draw parallels with your life or your woman, and act - because it is the woman's engine of progress.

Proper breathing

Is it possible and how to be charged by energy with the help ofbreathing? This is taught by one of the branches of yoga - pranayama, through which a person learns at first to fully breathe, and then absorb energy from the air and space. Most of the world's population breathes superficially, using only a quarter of the volume of lungs given by nature, the rest is slowly clogging, fading and provoking disease. According to Ayurveda, 50% of health problems are due to insufficient breathing (the other half is the wrong diet, to which we will return).

During a full exhalation, provokedfull volumetric inhalation, a person gets rid of the accumulation of negative manifestations, whether physical, emotional or mental. Inhaling, he fills himself with fresh, clean energy.

Meditation - communication with the Universe

Focusing on the flow of breath, manenters the first stage of meditation, which leads to another knowledge of "how to recharge your cosmic energy." By meditating, you adjust the vibrations of your soul to the vibration of the Universe, connect with it and receive a colossal update, a kind of formatting of the hard drive. After sleep, this is the most effective method to quickly raise the level of charge. People who are little acquainted with yoga consider meditation to be something uselessly stupid, like waking in the clouds or a seat with an intelligent look in anticipation of a to be charged with cosmic energy

One need only sit with a straight back,close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Just five to ten minutes. Provided that the mind will only monitor breathing and nothing more to think about. Well, the first session of meditation was very successful, after all, meditation, in fact, is the maximum concentration on one object, whether it's breathing, emptiness, murmur of water or a beautiful flower.

As you progress in practice, you will find a sense of inner movement, life in life, a microcosm in the macrocosm, you will have the ability to understand the body, which means knowing what is good for it and what is harmful for it.

Eating well

Let's return to the food: how does a healthy lifestyle and nutrition affect the rise of energy? Probably, many noticed how after a dense dinner it would be desirable to take a nap, overcomes drowsiness and activity of the mind decreases. But after all, eating is also energy, provided that the food is alive. How many useful amino acids and vitamins in meat, know almost everything, but how much there is living energy? And if you compare this indicator with a freshly prepared salad of vegetables or fruits?

Mankind spends 70% of its energy resources ondigestion of food. Not for work, entertainment or romance. For food. That is, to get energy from food, the human body must digest it, spending the same energy on the chemical processes of converting food into proteins, amino acids, fats, etc., necessary for the body. And if, for example, 600 kJ is spent for processing, 120, then something is wrong here. More precisely with the attitude to food.healthy lifestyle food

Proper nutrition at homeimplies the use of healthy ecological products, without preservatives, thickeners, oxidizers and artificially created flavors, aromas. Without an eerie amount of sugar and trans fat, gluten and the like. All these inventions of civilization not only destroy the human body, but waste extra, not replenishing, the energy of life, which can be used for more interesting things and moments.

Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, greens and dairyproducts, food cooked at home with love, and not a hamburger hastily hasty, the refusal of alcohol, nicotine and pseudo-stimulants in the form of energy drinks is the paramount task of those who want to increase their energy level, and thus the standard of living. Long term heat treatments also reduce the level of energy in food - the longer the cooking process, - the less vitality in food.

Any cooked food, in addition, absorbs the energy of the manufacturer, and who knows with what thoughts and emotions pizza was prepared, bought in a nearby cafe?

The power of thought

Movements, actions, emotions, thoughts are all kinds ofenergies of different levels and vibrations, and thought is the strongest of them. And how a person treats his mind, what kind of thought forms he fills, this becomes, - while positive thoughts he feeds himself, and destroys negative ones, on the contrary.

How to recharge the energy of thought, everyone understands,but not all of them do the right thing, referring to the complexity of life, lack of time or motivation. It is necessary resolutely to drive away the negative of any manifestation by the power of one's consciousness - the inner smile should never leave the soul, notwithstanding the vicissitudes of life.

Man is a powerful point of energyradiocommunications, broadcasting and resonating with everything that is happening around - and if the "radio waves" are chosen correctly, then the energy of inspiration and soundness will multiply, but when the ether is overloaded with the "yellow press and advertising", the positive net energy of the surrounding space will also fall .

On humanity lies a huge responsibility for everything that happens in the world. It's his thoughts. All that is is a result of the confusion of the thoughts of all people. Maybe you should think about this a little bit?

Upward movement

How to achieve harmony with yourself, the world and raisethe quality of life? There is such a science, and it is even studied in schools, only special ones. This is yoga. The great doctrine, which was first brought to the people by the sage Patanjali, and then other great people spread it. All of the above from the beginning of the article includes yoga. This is the ability to hear yourself, the world, eat and work right, find a balance between work and rest, energize and direct it in the right direction, be able to resist negative and difficult things, always looking at the world with a smile of the soul.high-grade rest

The most wonderful thing is that yoga can be practicedeveryone, for everyone has a niche. Flexible girls in "Instagram" - this is not quite yoga, but only one of the steps. Someone serves the living creatures, working as a volunteer or in a shelter for the homeless - this is Bhakti-yoga of service, someone is working on the invention of a cure for cancer - this is the yoga of knowledge - Jnana. And some every day, year after year, day after day, diligently and qualitatively do their, as they think, minor work - janitors and dishwashers, drivers of garbage trucks and shepherds. This is Karma Yoga. The whole universe is inextricably linked by the finest strings of energy and everyone, even the tiniest cog in this system, is very important. Be optimistic and do not clutter the air of the Universe with a negative!

Awareness is the key to success

Analyzing all of the above and applying toyour life, you can significantly change the situation for the better and no longer experience strong and long-term decline of power. Get enough sleep, go to nature more, lead an active lifestyle, eat healthy food and always have time for yourself - it's only the person who can influence the quality of his life.

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