What to give a child with abdominal pain? The main causes of abdominal pain

Often, problems of the gastrointestinal tract are underestimated, waving away the excuse of "somehow pass." If such a complaint comes from a child, you need to be vigilant and not write off as a whim. With what to give the child? This question is asked quite often.

First of all, it must be borne in mind that home treatment is not always acceptable. Especially when the question concerns the health of the baby.

In this article, you will learn a detailed description of the symptoms of frequent diagnoses, and in which cases you should not ignore a visit to a doctor.

Will the pain go away by itself?

with abdominal pain what to give the child

Abdominal pain in a child may be due to various reasons. If the baby did not have falls and injuries, but complaints began to be received, it is necessary to make an analysis of the diet of the last days. Severe pain in the abdomen can cause overeating, the incompatibility of eaten foods, harmful and poor-quality food.Disorder of the digestive tract is manifested by unpleasant sensations, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence. If the child has eaten a new product or is harmful, you can set aside a panic. There is no reason to worry if the freshness and quality of the product is not in doubt, but overeating has happened.

The actions will be as follows: for some time not to give food to the child, with this, abundant drinking (water and tea) will be a prerequisite, with time a sharp pain in the stomach will pass. You should not allow dehydration in the body with diarrhea. It is necessary to strongly suggest drinking baby. It must be understood that diarrhea itself is not so terrible as its effects on the child’s body. If these manifestations do not stop, then hospitalization will be necessary.

So, with abdominal pain, what to give the child? It depends directly on the reasons that provoked the symptoms.

child year hurts the stomach that you can give

In the case of diarrhea, activated carbon and Smecta will help in the dose, according to the age group. If the child feels worse or no dynamics for the better after six hours after the onset of the ailment, the help of a doctor is needed.

When do I need a specialist?

Three types of pain syndrome are subdivided: stomach aches, colic, acute pain are present. Well, if you can find out the symptoms of malaise in a child. But young children can not always accurately explain what and where they are concerned. Therefore, you should carefully monitor their condition. If the child is lethargic and passive, the skin is pale, perspiration persists - this can be a serious and life-threatening pathology.

Acute pain is considered such. Intense, incessant, unbearable pain, which gives to the next area of ​​the body. Does the usual drug for "acute abdomen," how to alleviate the child's condition? Parents should understand that serious illnesses can hide behind unpleasant sensations in the gastrointestinal tract. If a child has a stomach ache, what to give?

In the presence of acute pain, medical assistance is needed - planned or emergency.

Lasting pain

Before medical assistance, medications do not need to be given, but try to divert the attention of the baby. Indications for treatment in the hospital (or to see a doctor) are prolonged pain. In this case, the behavior of a small patient is restless and alarming.Various painful sensations for two or three hours without positive dynamics have a reason to seek medical help. Also, symptoms indicating that a doctor should be consulted is the presence of blood in the feces or vomit. With abdominal pain what to give the child? About it further.

In cases of unusual symptoms from medications, it is better to refrain so as not to aggravate the situation. It will be more difficult for doctors to determine the diagnosis while taking anesthetic drug. It can cost a child life.

The following situation requires a quick reaction of parents: the child consumed medicine, a harmful substance, household chemicals. Do not take independent action, especially to resort to folk remedies. And it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. Also, before the arrival of the doctor, put the baby, let him take a comfortable position.

If the baby's stomach hurts?

Young parents are faced with difficulties in caring for the baby, and the reason is not only a lack of experience. The difficulty lies in the fact that the baby does not recognize the symptoms. How to determine that the cause is pain in the tummy? If something is wrong, the baby can only cry.If he has a bad sleep, appetite, or refusal to eat, then it may be colic. Child year, stomach ache, what to give in this case? We will understand further.

Even if there is a problem in the stomach, they knock on the leg and attract the knee to the chest. Colic is common in babies aged four to six months. In this case, special treatment is not prescribed. But if the temperature, vomiting, and blood in the feces are added to the baby’s anxiety, the doctor’s help is urgently needed. These symptoms may be due to food allergies or intestinal obstruction.

With abdominal pain what to give a child older?

Abdominal pain in preschoolers

It is possible to determine the external state of a child up to two years old by observing his behavior and mood.

Reduced activity, crying, refusal of food due to a problem in the stomach. It should be noted that in childhood for more than a year, the cause of digestive problems is “not children's”: food poisoning, allergies, overeating, infections.

the child has a stomach ache

Children just over the age of two are able to tell what disturbs them. Drawing attention to the complaint of the baby, the parent should evaluate the symptoms.If the child has a stomach ache, what to give?

For example, if the pain in the abdomen of a five-year-old baby is irregular and a little time has passed since then, the state is normal, then the problem can be solved at home. It should give the child a drug that improves digestion, and ensure dormancy.

Similarly, you should do in a separate case of diarrhea or vomiting. Remember, the phenomenon of loose stools (not long) is a sign of disorder of the digestive system. Single vomiting may cause overeating or coughing. What to give a child with abdominal pain (in the stomach)? In these cases, the usual remedy for diarrhea (for example, activated carbon, "Smekta" or "Enterofuril") can alleviate the condition of the baby. But, as mentioned earlier, these drugs should not be abused without consulting a specialist.

Stomach ache

child 4 years old stomach hurts to give

Constant pain symptoms, regardless of the specific part of the body - this is the reason for the visit to the doctor. It is noteworthy that the occurrence of abdominal pain and nausea can be without a physiological cause. This may be due to the psycho-emotional state of the child. This symptom is called functional pain.

Thus, the examination of the internal organ as a result gives the norm. The reason for this is overwork, nervous system overload, anxiety, stress. This is probably unusual, but the correction of such pains is carried out by a psychologist. Meanwhile, a visit to a gastroenterologist should not be ignored. Please note that persistent children's pain in the navel can "talk" about the pathology of the internal organ. Especially if the child is 4 years old. A stomach ache - what to give? Talk about this further.

Functional pain and treatment

In the event that there are constant complaints of pain from the child, the parent should be balanced, but you should not be overlooked. You should schedule a visit to the doctor. If functional pain is confirmed, it should be treated. We must begin to keep a "diary" in which abdominal pain will be marked. Record pain, in what situation appear, which improves well-being. Analyze the data records with a specialist, it will make specifics in finding problems, help eliminate discomfort. Parents should take care of creating a favorable climate in the home for the child, come up with a passion (visiting the section, group, new hobby).

If the child is 5 years old, stomach ache, what to givewith stabbing pain?If there is confidence that the discomfort manifests itself in connection with psychological problems, then you can resort to taking Ibuprofen or another analgesic with a wide spectrum of action, according to the children's age group. After rest, the symptom of functional pain usually goes away.

First Aid Kit

child 3 years old stomach hurts to give

What drugs should be in the home first-aid kit, which stop the stomach pain in a child? Note that self-treatment is not welcome, but there are different cases. On which drug to stop the choice, to stop the pain of the child? For example, the preparations Mezim, Festal, and Creon stabilize the digestive process (with a bad combination of products). Eliminate diarrhea and nausea using "Gastrolita" and "Rehydron." “Maalox”, “Renny”, “Almagel” neutralize heartburn.

What kind of medication from an adult’s first-aid kit can you use if your child has a stomach ache and there is no children's medicine available? In this case, the "No-Shpa" universal (removes spastic constipation). And if the child is a year old, the stomach hurts, what can be given?

If there is a food symptom of poisoning (diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the gastrointestinal tract), activated carbon, Smecta and Enterodez will not harm.But first read carefully the annotation, the dose of the drug also matters, it must be calculated. Even in home treatment, consultation with a specialist is desirable.

Caution, infection!

A special subject of parental anxiety is infection. No need to make a panic, the key to success - the correct diagnosis. The indication of an infectious disease is pain syndrome of the left side of the abdomen, the right part, in the umbilical region. It should be borne in mind that the diagnosis of this type is graded by pathogen: viral, bacterial, mixed.

Urination changes in the presence of infection in the genitourinary system. Then the little patient points to pain in the stomach, visits the toilet a lot.

What to give the child? Hurt the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, fever - the main signs of an infectious diagnosis. Do not forget, an infection of various genesis involves danger. Thus, at the first suspicion of a viral or bacterial infection, it should be hospitalized in the infectious disease ward of the district hospital.


child 5 years old stomach hurts to give

When appendicitis a child has a stomach ache, what can be given? We will understand.

It is generally accepted that appendicitis is more common in adults, but this is a myth. The reality is that this diagnosis occurs at the age of two. It is fair to say that appendicitis in children under one year is a rare phenomenon. But the school age group of ten or twelve is more likely to figure in statistics, especially boys. For younger children, appendicitis is especially dangerous. The correct conclusion of the diagnosis at an early stage, timely treatment is the key to a positive result.

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Requires emergency surgery.

Symptoms of appendicitis - how to identify them?

In the event that a complaint from a child about pain in the stomach is regular, there is no positive dynamics after the night, an appeal to a specialist is necessary. It should be noted that the "geography" of the painful symptoms varies. The classic case - pain on the right side of the stomach and below - is not always the case. Epigastric and navel range can also be painful.

Parents should be vigilant if the pain in the navel increases with a change in body posture, coughing or crying.Diarrhea and vomiting are less common. Usually appendicitis "gives" an increase in body temperature, lethargy, drowsiness, loss of appetite. In the presence of such symptoms it is impossible to stop pain with drugs. Contact a specialist immediately. A 3 year old child has a stomach ache. What to give? This question interests many.

Other frequent abdominal pains

All children often fall down, fight and get into ridiculous situations. And a calm child can stumble or accidentally push him. What to do if the result of an injury is abdominal pain? Damage to the abdomen is divided into open and closed type. The first case "dictates" the need for emergency medical care and subsequent hospitalization. In another case, evaluate the condition of the child.

In the event that pain is present, but the child is active, takes food, sleep is normal, there is no reason for concern, but a visit to the doctor will not be superfluous. If you have rapid pulse, general weakness, vomiting - immediately contact a medical institution. Be vigilant if there is a complaint of pain in the left side of the abdomen. This may indicate that the spleen was damaged.

what can be given to a child from belly pain

In this case, what to give the child with abdominal pain? Only the doctor has to decide.

Not to be overlooked that various hernias also bother children. They are internal and superficial, sometimes palpable in the abdominal cavity. Accompanied by discomfort in case of pinching. It is forbidden to treat them on their own; a visit to a specialist and a therapeutic complex are required.

The presence of ulcers and gastritis affects not only adults but also children. Often these diagnoses can be found in the younger school group and in adolescents. Characteristically, this is due not only to an unbalanced diet, but also triggered by medication. Attention should be paid to the complaint of the child with stabbing pain in the abdomen, especially after surgical intervention. This is not the only case when a medical professional should be immediately involved to make a diagnosis and therapy.

Vigilance of parents, adequate timely assessment of the health of the child, regular visits to the doctor - the guarantor of a positive result.

We considered what can be given to a child from abdominal pain.

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