What to give her husband for a year?

The first wedding anniversary is a very serious date for both spouses, a sort of milestone, after which you are no longer newlyweds, but, indeed, husband and wife. And of course, on such a day, I really want to present a special gift to my beloved husband, such that he will be remembered and liked. What to give her husband a year to please him and emphasize the importance of the holiday?

Symbolic gifts for her husband for a year

The first wedding anniversary is also called calico wedding. If you are a supporter of traditions and want to do everything according to the rules, then choose gifts from the fabric. In addition, anniversary gifts should not be strictly individual, it would be very cool if it were gifts for two.

In this case, a good option - to give a set of beautiful bed linen or a set of paired bathrobes. If you want to make a gift just for him, stop your choice on a shirt or tie.

Also to symbolic gifts include any pair of things. For example, two mugs, made in the same style, a pair of T-shirts with inscriptions in the style of "Beloved husband" and "Beloved wife" or pendants that form a whole picture when combined.

Gifts hobbies

If your husband has long been dreaming about something or has a favorite hobby, then the choice of a gift will be even easier. After all, your goal is to please your husband, so just buy him the object of his desires. For a man who is fond of computers, there is a huge selection of fun and modern accessories. It can be a cool mouse, keyboard, webcam, game console or external hard drive.

All men love electronics, so if a loved one has long had a need for a new player or phone, no need to wait for another reason to donate it.

For an enthusiastic athlete, you can buy sports equipment. If he rides a bicycle with pleasure, and the anniversary falls on a warm season, donate a bicycle computer or a comfortable helmet. A motorist will be delighted with a massage cape on a seat, a radio tape recorder or a navigator, and a fisherman - with equipment for fishing or outdoor recreation. When presenting such gifts, you will emphasize your attention to the interests of your husband.

But do not forget about romance. For metal gifts you can engrave with congratulations and a declaration of love, and you can attach a nice gift to gifts from other materials.a postcard or a touching little extra gift like a heart-shaped chocolate or a little book of love sayings.

Event Gifts

Gifts-events remain in memory for a long time. So why not give your husband an adventure?

On such a romantic day, a great idea would be to replay the events of the day you met, or another significant day in your relationship. Each pair has events that are significant only for them. Invite him to the same cafe, wear the same clothes - let the memories come alive.

A classic and win-win option - a romantic dinner. If you want a little bit of originality, you can arrange dinner in an unusual place, for example, on the deck of a steamer or on the roof of a house.

Also a good gift for the year will be a joint trip to the theater or to the cinema, bowling, billiards - there are a lot of options for festive leisure. And if your husband loves extreme sports, and you want something new, then choose gift certificates for skydiving, quad biking or water skiing.

In large cities there is the opportunity to play role-playing games of live action. Simply choose a company that organizes such events, and decide on the plot of your adventure.Perhaps it will be a detective, and maybe an exciting shootout with the chase.

In any case, whatever you choose, do it with love and take into account the tastes and desires of your loved one.

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