What to give to Aquarius?

There is no sign of a more original, full of adventurism, cheerfulness and positive than Aquarius. He is always sincere, open, easy-going, distinguished by originality and non-standard thinking. Aquarians are simple and open to everything new, they have many acquaintances and friends. And it is precisely these friends who constantly have to solve such a difficult problem as to give to Aquarius.

It is quite difficult to choose a gift for a person who loves everything unusual and extraordinary. Aquarius ardent enemies of boredom and ordinariness. Therefore, those wishing to make a good gift to the representative of this sign have to break his head.

What do Aquarius like?

Here are the general characteristics of gifts for representatives of this sign.

  1. If your elect or girlfriend is Aquarius, then try to find them a gift that would have any meaning, some secret or subtext. Aquarius intellectuals, to solve secret meanings - this is their strong point.
  2. But do not be stingy, a cheap gift can offend a vain Aquarius, who, although considered to be all a person who does not chase a long ruble, however, prefers to see in people a respectful attitude to his person.
  3. But on the packaging, you can not spend money, it is unlikely that your Aquarius is so important how everything looks outside, it is much more important to him what is inside.
  4. Take the trouble to find a shop selling original gifts, Aquarius just love all the original. Consumer goods and sameness are not for these people. They, of course, will not give the appearance that they are upset, but still, it will be just that. Exclusive - this is for Aquarius.
  5. And last but not least, the originality of presenting a gift. Never ask directly what the representative of this sign wants to receive. This kills the very idea of ​​surprise, which is unacceptable for Aquarius. Hide a gift for Aquarius
  6. in the apartment, let the Aquarius look for him. You can put a gift to him or her in a bag or in a car. And everything like that. There is no greater joy for Aquarius than unexpectedly finding a gift.


What might a woman like this mark?

  • Women of this sign are beautiful and love to draw attention to themselves. They always know what is fashionable, they know how beautifully, and sometimes even extravagantly, to dress. Therefore, they can safely give all these women's things: interesting umbrellas, beautiful handbags, sets of good cosmetics, dresses, shoes, provided that you know the size.If you are afraid to make a mistake with the style or color, then it is best to purchase a gift certificate at her favorite store.
  • Aquarius women can donate something from her hobby: a new embroidery, an original box for needlework, professional paints, a set of expensive brushes, and so on. Aquarius are creative personalities, and this gift will be very useful.
  • Aquarius intellectuals: a ticket to a good exhibition, a scientific book on a topic of interest, a subscription to a favorite magazine - all this can also be given to a woman of this sign.


What to give a man Aquarius?

  • Extreme is for Aquarius. You can not go wrong if you give him a certificate for parachuting or paragliding. A gift for an Aquarius does not have to be material, do not forget that Aquarius is a sign of the air element, isolated from all earthly things.
  • A new, acclaimed book or collection set of films of your favorite director will please Aquarius.
  • Aquarius live with thoughts in the future, so you can donate something from the latest generation of technology: a camera, phone or tablet should be, of course, just released new items.
  • Men Aquarius adore freedom, and as a result, the spirit of hiking, campfires, tents and other things is close to them. Therefore, a visit to a special store selling equipment and other attributes for tourists will help you present an unforgettable gift to your friend or lover that he can boast of in front of his many friends.
  • A sweater or a scarf tied with your own hands will make it clear to your man that you are very attentive to him, which will undoubtedly be flattering.

Thus, a gift for Aquarius must be non-trivial, interesting, meeting its interests and needs. And you need to be very careful when choosing a gift for this zodiac sign.

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