What does the day of the week in which you were born tell about you?

If you believe in numerology, then surely you already know a lot about yourself, your loved ones and friends. There are a huge number of ways to create a psychological portrait of a person. This usually requires a date of birth, name or something else. But it turns out that the day of the week in which you were born can reveal many secrets about you. In English, all their names are associated with deities and planets. Characteristics of each and helps to make a horoscope for the day of the week.

How to determine

If your loved ones do not remember which day of the week you were born, this can be easily recognized. To do this, use any search engine on the Internet. Just enter your date of birth and the phrase "day of the week." In the search results you will see all the necessary information. Well, now it's time to find out more about yourself.

The day of the week you were born


This is the first and most difficult day of the week. He is ruled by the moon.She symbolizes maternal essence, loyalty and kindness. People born on Monday adhere to family values. They are very sensitive and kind, love children, and not only their own. Many can use their kindness and naivety.

Such personalities put family relationships at the forefront and, at the same time, they can sometimes neglect work. But if man-Monday gets down to business - he will bring the matter to the end. The people ruled by the moon are very charming. Their internal energy enchants. They are very attached to their brothers, sisters, mothers. Relationship with them for them is incredibly important.

They appreciate coziness and comfort and know how to create it. Their house is always clean and tidy, and even, most likely, it smells like delicious pastries. "Mondays" - the most homely of all. They do not like parties and discos. For them, home is the most important thing.


This day of the week is under the auspices of the planet Mars and the god of war - Ares. In ancient Greek mythology, he was distinguished by cunning and treachery. It was a fire that carried everything in its path. If you were born on Tuesday, you are probably very hot-tempered and arrogant. A fountain of energy boils in you.It is very important to direct it in the right direction.

People born on Tuesday are real buggers and enthusiasts. They will always find a way out even from the most difficult situation. Sometimes excessive impulsiveness can lead to quarrels and conflicts. A person needs to learn to restrain their pressure. People who are under the auspices of Mars often engage in extreme sports, or at least very much dream about it.

Sometimes these individuals show irresponsibility. They can forget about the birthday of a close friend or relative. But this does not mean that they do not like him or do not appreciate. This is just a feature of their character, but no more. Love, like family, for a person on Tuesday is not the most important thing in life. But in a relationship they are very passionate and unique.


This day of the week is under the auspices of Mercury. This is the planet of finance, mental activity, communication. People born on Wednesday can be a bit confused and careless. But they perfectly find a common language with any person. They know how to save money and calculate their budget. On the other hand, a person can love travel, creativity.People born on Wednesday can be excellent teachers, artists, writers. They do not tolerate loneliness and longing. It is very important for them to be in the company of people they know. People staying under the auspices of Mercury often fall in love, but their feelings cool with the same speed.

People born on Wednesday, have good health. They have aristocratic looks and piercing eyes. Man-environment is strong and active. He is attracted to beautiful and unusual things. Often he collects them.

People born on Wednesday


The man born on this day is under the control of Jupiter. And the name of the planet itself comes from the name of the Scandinavian god Thor. This is a powerful and powerful deity. Thor is the god of thunder and storm. But he does not destroy, but, on the contrary, protects people from monsters and giants. A person born on this day can be a real fighter for justice and truth. It is important for him to get a good education. He sets global goals and achieves them. Remember the Torah from the movie "The Avengers"? Exactly he is an example of a man born on Thursday. It is very important for him to be first and foremost.Whatever he does, a man born on Thursday, first of all, he does it for himself, in order to once again prove to himself that he is the best.

Such people can often be found among politicians and athletes. Both are real fighters. They are ready to do much to achieve the result. Such personalities are not attached to others. They easily say goodbye to what they no longer need. Man-Thursday may indeed be like thunder and storm, especially if things are not going as planned.


Venus, the goddess of love, romance, beauty and balance, rules this day. She, like a beam, illuminates everything around. Friday-born people are incredibly charming and cute. Most often on their face you can find a smile and a great mood. In any company, it is a ringleader. Their endless enthusiasm infects everyone around. Such people spend a lot of time on their appearance. Some will even say that these are real daffodils. Let it be so, but they are honest and happy. People born on Friday are always ready to help and give good advice. Their main quality is mercy and kindness to all around.

Horoscope by day

They bring joy to all who are near them. Women born on Friday are good housewives, loyal wives and the most affectionate mothers in the world. Their smile can help cope with any trouble. Men born on Friday are romantic and gentle natures. They love to pursue their beloved, can zadarivat flowers and gifts.


Saturn is the patron saint of all those born on this day of the week. Life in such people can not be called easy. It is filled with difficulties and trials. But these are the only people who can really cope with any problems. It is very important to bring up a child born on Saturday from childhood. Do not indulge him, but, on the contrary, prepare for the trials of fate.

God, ruling the planet - Kronos, personifies agriculture. This means that a person born on Saturday is strong both physically and morally. He is not afraid of difficulties and trials and often finds hard physical work for himself. Although this does not mean that a person is waiting for immeasurable wealth. Instead, he will learn a lot from his mistakes. Such people are distinguished by modesty, wisdom and severity.People born on Saturday can be good leaders.

What can tell the day of the week


The sun rules this day of the week. People born on Sunday bring joy, smile and happiness to the world. They are open and very kind people. All their lives pursued by luck and success. They are lucky, they are constantly lucky. They have the makings of a leader. People listen to them, follow them. These are very bright and unusual personalities. Often they stand out from the crowd due to unusual clothing or style of behavior. The person who was born on Sunday loves luxury and comfort. But he himself does not always know how to do this. These are creative people who are poorly compatible with family life. They are constantly in search of something new and unusual. Such individuals cannot and do not know how to perform monotonous work. They are too energetic for this.

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