Where to go for the northern lights

The Northern Lights, for those who do not live in the Arctic, is a fabulous phenomenon. The physics of the radiance is understandable, I think, to everyone who attended school. However, the ability to explain the nature of the phenomenon does not completely exclude the magic of the senses felt at the sight of the northern lights ...
Personally, I twice specifically went over the Arctic Circle to see Aurora and show the children.
In our huge country, part of which is located beyond the Arctic Circle, there are many places where you can observe the northern lights. For residents of the European part of Russia, it is most convenient, I think, to do it in Murmansk. Well, firstly, there it’s enough just to get there by train or by plane. Secondly, it is a city with hotels and other infrastructure needed by the tourist.
If the wallet allows you to go abroad beyond the northern lights, then the choice is quite large. Lapland is perfect for holidays with children. The higher to the north you climb, the more chances to see the shine.








In Tromsø, Norway, which is considered the European capital of the northern lights, you can see it almost guaranteed, even if your visit there is a short one. In the city there are several companies that organize tours for the harmonized shine. When I was in Tromsø, I was unlucky with the weather, it was snowing all three days and the sky was overcast. But we were taken to the mountains on the border with Finland and there I saw Aurora for the first time.

But for those who want real adventure, Iceland is best suited.

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