Who invented vodka?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
April 25, 2012
Who invented vodka?

Vodka is a strong alcoholic drink that is made from water and ethyl alcohol. Depending on the recipe, various additives or spices can be used.

Drink history

It is believed that the first mention of vodka is associated with the Arab doctor Pares. This alcoholic drink he used for medical purposes.

In Russia, vodka appeared only at the end of the 15th century. Brought her from Europe. In Russia, she was nicknamed “bread wine”, since vodka was made from cereals - rye, wheat.

There are several opinions about who invented vodka. Until now, there is an opinion that DI Mendeleev received the first vodka. This judgment is erroneous. Mendeleev, being a chemist, derived only the ideal concentration of alcohol in water, writing a dissertation on this subject “On the compounds of alcohol with water”. So who invented vodka?

It turns out that vodka has been known and in demand in Europe since the 12th century. It is believed that the Spanish alchemist Raymond Luliy invented it.Now, dear reader, you will know who invented vodka.

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