Why do doctors ask parents to get rid of soft sides in cots

Doctors categorically do not recommend to put in cots the dampers or sides of any kind, the press center of the Association of Pediatricians of America informs. Soft crib covers- this is one of

Doctors also recommend putting children to sleep on hard, rather than soft mattresses and get rid of any soft objects in the crib.

The guidelines, published as part of the expanded guidelines for the safety of children's sleep and the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), became the first open protest by the Pediatric Association against soft shutters and boards in cots. In their opinion, there is no evidence that soft boards protect from falls or injuries. On the contrary, they pose a potential danger and can cause asphyxiation or impairment, since the babies lack the motility and strength to turn their heads, so they may stumble upon something that blocks their breath.

A turning point in the attitude of the medical community to soft flaps and sides was an article published in September 2007 from the Pediatric Newspaper. It dealt with the results of studies of infant deaths and injuries that directly related to the sides and gates of beds, based on data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission from 1985 to 2005.

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Those, in turn, were based on information received from forensic experts and investigators involved in 27 cases of sudden death of babies aged 1 month to 2 years, linking them to suffocation from being pressed to the soft side of the board or with a tangled strap from soft flaps around neck baby. In 11 deaths, the child was most likely pressed to the soft side of the board, in 13 cases the child was sandwiched between the board and another foreign object, such as a mattress, and three babies died due to straps around the neck.

Why do many parents still use soft boards?

Many parents believe that this will save their child from injury if he hits his head on the railing of the crib itself or from the fact that hands or feet can get stuck in the crossbars.Soft sides and flaps were really created so that the child did not fall out through the gaps in the crossbars, or his arms, legs, or head did not get stuck there. But since then, many standards have changed, and now the distance from the crossbar to the crossbar should not exceed the size of a jar of Coke, thereby raising the status of soft sides to an aesthetic element, rather than a subject of security.

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On the issue of safety, Dr. Moon also adds that babies are too weak and not coordinated to cause themselves harm by approaching the bed partitions. She says that if it is possible that the hand or foot is stuck between the partitions, the fact that it will break is almost fabulous. That is, yes, it can be painful and unpleasant, but no threat to the baby’s life will happen.

As an option, the parents began to buy other breathing and net boards, but doctors and they are not advised. "We do not recommend putting anything in the crib at all, because there is no point in this."

The Association of Pediatricians states that babies should sleep on their backs, on a firm mattress, in a crib without foreign objects, and in a room with their parents. All you need is just to fill the sheet.

And in spite of all the advice, in the children's stores, future parents see the same range of products, partly because children's products are a good business. According to statistics, every year, manufacturers of baby bedding help out about $ 50 million, including the sale of almost 200 thousand soft bed boards per year.

Dr. Moon hopes that the soft boards will still go out of sale. She explains this by the fact that many parents do not completely trust the organizations involved in the safety of consumer products, although these organizations check the goods that have already appeared on the market, and do not restrict the access of buyers to a certain circle. And many parents also think that since it is for sale, it means that it is safe. Absolute delusion. Parents should worry more about what is dangerous and safe for their children.

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