Why dream of a little mouse?

March 6, 2015
Why dream of a little mouse?

Some images glimpsed in dreams, on awakening, can cause bewilderment: why did you dream of such a thing? That is why people often turn to dream books, hoping to get an answer in them, what is the dream of this or that image. After all, it is possible that dreams send us some kind of signal that may soon happen. In this article we will look at why a small mouse dreams.

Little mouse in a dream: interpretation

Small mice glimpsed in dreams can mean both good happy events and troubles. Opinions of various dream books differ on this account.

In most cases, a small mouse is a hassle, a fuss, a minor annoyance. And the more mice, the more troublesome things awaits you. In addition, rodents foreshadow the loss of a friend, warn of secret enemies.

But the dream interpretation of the 21st century does not agree with this opinion, suggesting a different interpretation option: mice - to the joy and easy overcoming of all obstacles. And if the mice are white, this is all the more favorable sign, promising happiness and success in all matters.

It will be interesting to recall the details and context of sleep, in order to clarify its meaning:

  • Catch a rodent in a dream - for a quick marriage, as well as pleasures and passionate feelings. For a pregnant woman, such a dream predicts that she will have a girl.
  • Kill the little mouse - to sadness and deep sadness.
  • To put a mousetrap in a dream - beware of unpleasant gossip.
  • If you have eaten a mouse in a dream, - some danger awaits you. Use caution in everything.
  • Trying to crush mice with their feet - to victory over enemies. But if the mice run away from you - the victory will be very doubtful. Do not rush to rejoice and draw conclusions - everything can turn out quite differently.
  • To dream of a mouse nibbling something in your house - to shorten life.
  • And watch how the cat catches a small mouse - to deceit, evil gossip.

There is also an opinion that if a small mouse dreamed of a child, it means that he will fall into an awkward position, a stupid situation.

But if a girl dreamed of a mouse, she had to expect deception and beware of secret enemies. If the mouse in a dream was sitting on her dress, - we should expect a major scandal.

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