Why is the car twitching?

There are cases when the owners of cars face an annoying picture - a properly working car suddenly starts to twitch and move in spurts. The reasons why the car is twitching can be many. However, they can be grouped for specific reasons.

Problems in the fuel supply system

With an intensive increase in speed, for example, during acceleration, a car with a carburetor engine may start twitching due to problems with the carburetor, in particular, due to its clogging or the presence of extraneous air leaks. Partial or complete disassembly of the carburetor is necessary to correct the problem. At the same time, the level of fuel in the float chamber, main nozzles, economizer are checked, channels going to them are blown through.

Why twitching car VAZ? The reasons can be covered even in weather conditions. So, with a strong heat in gasoline pumps of these models of cars may be formed plugs of gasoline vapors, which either worsen the flow of fuel into the carburetor, or interrupt it altogether.The simplest advice in this case is that a wet rag is put on the fuel pump, which cools it.

The reason for the jerk of a car with injection injection can also be interruptions in the fuel supply. However, here the injection system is commanded by a computer. There is no way to do computer diagnostics here, since the failure of the electric valve of the injector is impossible to determine by eye and touch.

Machines equipped with diesel engines may jerk due to faulty injectors. If the system is equipped with a high-pressure plunger pump, a needle may hang at the nozzles. In Common Rail systems with a constant pressure pump and electronic injection control, the internal electronic valve is likely to fail.

Problems in the electrical part

Machines with carburetor engines with a uniform motion can begin to twitch due to problems in the switch-distributor, malfunction of candles or high-voltage wires. In this case, the fault is determined by "breaking" the wires. With candles alternately removed high pressure wires. When removing the wires from the non-working spark, the engine speed does not change. The fault may be covered in the wire itself.In addition, it is necessary to check that there are no cracks and burnt contacts on the breaker cover.

Cars with injection engines may also have problems with spark and wiring problems. However, experts are categorically in this case to use the method of "breakdown" for diagnosis in order to avoid more serious damage.

Grip problems

The most common reason why the car twitches when starting off and generally when shifting gears is due to a faulty clutch. This may be the loss of elasticity of the damper springs, and uneven wear of the linings. Another reason may be a loose cuff on the crankshaft. The oil from the engine in this case falls on the friction linings of the clutch disc.

In cars with automatic transmission there is a jerking when driving the filter and the lack of oil level.

In principle, even a serviceable car with a manual transmission can begin to twitch when starting off, if it is driven by a novice. The reason lies in the lack of sufficient practice to work with the clutch and gas pedals.

Even having defined in general the reason why the car is twitching, it is often quite difficult to find a specific malfunction.Of course, luck will be if it lies in a broken candle or a burnt contact on a high-voltage wire. However, in most cases, the reasons lie deeper. Therefore, if the term “distributor-distributor capacitor” causes a slight shock to the car owner, it is wiser to seek help from a service center.

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