Why you can not take pictures of sleeping children: signs

Children grow and change quickly, so parents (especially if they have a first child in a family) want to stop a moment, capture almost every minute of their baby's life.

And it seems that modern technologies allow to do this, but ... Many moms (most often with the filing of their parents or grandmothers) are afraid to take pictures of babies, especially if the child sleeps sweetly. Is it possible to photograph sleeping newborn children? If not, why not? Bad sign! Strange as it may seem, many people don’t even know what exactly the folk omen is about photographing children in a dream, but once it’s said “no”, it’s better not to risk it. And it does not matter that the century is the age of high technology and the era of space discoveries.

So,Is it possible to photograph sleeping children? Let's discuss this issue in detail.

why can not photograph sleeping children

The sleeper will not wake up

Why can not photograph sleeping children? The short answer "no" puzzles many. But why?Typically, national signs associated with long-term observations of people for various phenomena and the identified patterns. But there are those who appeared because of a lack of knowledge of human nature and ancient superstitions. The ban on photographing in a dream can, perhaps, be categorized as the latter.

Thus, for many centuries, people believed that during sleep, the soul leaves the body and returns to it only at the moment of awakening. While a person is sleeping, his soul allegedly visits his previous body (reincarnation). Accordingly, if you try to wake the sleeper, the soul will not have time to return to his body and the person simply will not wake up.

Same thing with the photo. According to this sign, while taking a picture of a soul, due to a characteristic click when you press a button, it may not return on time, or it may “deteriorate” and never return to your body. Especially in children, after all, they themselves and their soul is still small and “untrained” - it has a strong connection with the previous incarnation, and the “speed of rapid return” is not worked out.

In this regard, the baby can not wake up at all or wake up without a soul, which is also very, very bad.

why can not photograph sleeping children omen

Sleep disturbance

Inadequate sleep and, as a result, irritability and even deterioration of health. All this, according to many elderly people, may be the result of photographing a child in a dream.

Angel loss

Why not photograph a sleeping newborn baby?By analogy with the soul, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, the angel could “be frightened” by the flash and the click of the photographic shutter. And frightened, he flies away, leaving his little master unprotected.

After this, the baby, of course, does not die, but begins to ache, and misfortunes literally pursue him.

It is noteworthy that in Christianity there are no prohibitions on photographing, even in a dream, even while awake. And the fact that the angel can leave his little client because of the click of the camera is also strongly doubted here.

But in Islam, the ban on photographing is present. But he is completely unrelated to various kinds of prejudices and objects. It's just that it is forbidden to paint portraits in Islam, moreover, all images of living beings are taboo.

why can not photograph sleeping children answers

“Stolen Fate”

Why can not photograph sleeping children? We have been looking for answers since ancient times. And now there are so many of them that it is difficult to figure out what is true and what is fiction from this.Among the superstitions, one can hear that when photographing a sleeping child, they steal his health and fate. The more shots, the larger the “theft”. This is especially true for newborn non-baptized children who still have no protection, who cannot withstand external negative effects.

By the way, non-baptized children were forbidden to photograph not only in a dream, but at any other time. The rite of baptism took place on the 40th day after birth, when the mother was allowed to attend church.

But even after this, the older generation, wise by experience, forbade inviting strangers, photographers, into the home so that they would not steal the fate of the baby.

Damage, evil eye and other troubles

Another interpretation of the prohibition on photographing sleeping children is that you can easily jinx it, damage it, etc.

It is no secret that many fortune tellers, shamans and sorcerers use photographs for their rites. It is believed that the photograph carries not only visual, but also more in-depth information about the person, keeps the imprint of his aura. At the same time, the aura of the children is clear, bright, but completely defenseless - easy prey for various witches and magicians.Therefore, even a novice sorcerer can take damage from a photo of a sleeping child.

Jinx the same child can do any person, even the closest, looked at the children's photos.

By the way, about this reason, according to national signs, it is impossible not only to photograph sleeping, but also to show children's photos in general to outsiders. And you can not throw away or burn photos, as this can also negatively affect the fragile children's aura.

Why can not photograph sleeping children and adults

Hypnos and Thanatos - twin brothers

In ancient Greek mythology, the death god Thanatos and the sleep god Hypnos were twin brothers. Yes, and the Slavs for a long time believed that sleep and death are very similar and have a number of similar features. And the deceased person is very similar to a sleeper (the same closed eyes, the same property).

In this regard, it was believed that photographing a child in a dream brings his death. Especially if the picture is blurry. Such a vagueness was considered evidence of some hidden fatal illness, the approach of trouble and the speedy demise.

why can't you photograph a sleeping newborn baby

Where the legs grow

To believe or not to believe in all these superstitions is everyone’s business.Still, it’s interesting what causes such a negative attitude to photographing in a dream.

Why can not photograph sleeping children and adults?Many researchers believe that the beginning of these prejudices was laid almost immediately after the invention of the camera - in the XIX century. Photographing at that time was a very expensive pleasure. And as a rule, images were ordered only by rich people and only at the very last moment - when a close person died.

And the deceased was not just photographed for memory, but they arranged a real photo shoot. Adults were dressed in the most beautiful outfits, put on a chair or even at a table, toys, books, etc. were laid out around the children.

Often, living members of the family were photographed next to the deceased. In the photo it seemed that the person was just sleeping, but still the impression was eerie. However, this did not prevent the creation of entire albums with photographs of deceased relatives, which were replenished with each new deceased. Virtually every family had its own "book of the dead."

Subsequently, on the closed eyelids of the deceased, some pupils painted on the pupils, and the impression was created that the person was alive.But even in black and white photographs of that time, his deathly pallor was visible, which made the picture directly sinister and scary.

This custom has long been widespread in European countries and in the Americas.

As time went on, the fashion for photographing the dead was a thing of the past, and instead, prejudices about the ban on taking pictures of sleeping ones began to appear.

why can not photograph sleeping children short answer

And again the ancient Greeks, or From the depth of ages

According to another theory, the ban on the image of sleeping people is much more ancient and takes its roots in ancient Greece. All because of the same twin brothers of Hypnos and Thanatos, the ancient artists never painted portraits of sleeping people - this was one of the main taboos that no one dared to break.

The Greeks believed that the paintings of the sleeping will attract misfortune, ruin, separation, illness of loved ones and even death to the house.

Perhaps, subsequently, this ban was simply smoothly adapted to new realities and moved from portraits to photographs.

What really?

Why can not photograph sleeping children? Signs - this is one thing, but modern scholars and simply educated people consider all folk signs relating to photographing in a dream to be a mere fabrication and do not take them seriously.

However, many of them do not deny that there are a number of reasons why photographing a sleeping baby is still not worth it. Among the most important are:

  1. In a dream, small children are relaxed, but at the same time they sleep quite sensitively and can wake up from any harsh, even quiet, sound or bright light from a flash. And not just to wake up, but also to be frightened, which can provoke a whole range of problems from hysterics to real phobias, which the young parents certainly do not need.
  2. Even serious scientists have come to the conclusion that the flash can affect the quality of the infant's sleep. Of course, this does not mean at all that because of a couple of shots made by mom or dad, in order to capture their crumbs in the crib, they will surely not sleep enough. No! But in his biorhythms serious changes can indeed occur.
  3. Another argument "against" - a bright flash, especially in the dark. Luminous flux has a negative effect on the child's vision. In this case, closed eyelids do not reduce this effect.

can I take pictures of sleeping children

You can if you are careful enough

Summarizing, we can say that photographing a baby asleep, of course, is possible, but with extreme caution.It is even better to capture the child during his wakefulness: when he collects his first pyramid, takes his first steps or tries to bring a spoonful of porridge to his mouth. And then all the important moments of the baby will be sealed for history and all this without any harm to his health. As well as soul, aura and guardian angel.

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